Genotype SNP data namagement

BC|GENE and BC|SNP Suites

Our database platforms for the genotype and phenotype data management are ideal database solutions for any research group. They are easy to adopt, and create quickly a sophisticated, centralized data storage and analysis platform, which scales up or down to meet the needs of either a small research group or a larger cohort or collaboration project.

BC|GENE Lite and BC|GENE are database solutions for

  • Small to medium sized whole genome studies
  • Candidate gene studies
  • Linkage and other family based studies

BC|SNP and BC|SNPmax are database solutions for

  • Large whole genome studies (GWAS)
  • Large family based studies
  • Collaborative studies with large amounts of data

BC|SNPmax Enterprise is the database solution for

  • Research consortia; university and campus level database systems
  • A very large number of users with a large amount of data
  • Institutes in which the database must be integrated with existing IT resources and authentication mechanisms
All BC|GENE and BC|SNP Suites include integration to the most used analysis programs. BC|SNPmax provides also integration to imputing algorithms, and the possibility to do massive parallel analysis, either in a local cluster or in a cloud computing environment. BC|SNPmax has additionally optional modules for CNV and MultiQTL data storage and analysis.

To learn more about BC|GENE and BC|SNPmax data management systems, please read about the benefits of using a professional data management platform , read about data analysis using our solutions, take a look of our technical white papers and download our brochures.

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