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Infinitely Scale Your Operations for High Throughput Production

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A highly robust turnkey solution to construct, manage and automate workflows for faster, more efficient and truly scalable production. Accelerated results with seamless and automated reporting integration.

Why BC Platforms?

  • Fully automated, agile and fast running one stop shop for production with a streamlined user experience
  • Confidence in best practice results with complete data quality analysis and automated reporting
  • Easily configurable workflows for fast deployment and optimal resource allocation minimizing manual intervention to increase production output
  • Capacity for handling massive data volumes with proprietary BC|TILING data storage and compression technology (40-80% storage savings)
  • Unlimited production scaling capability with seamless, end to end workflows and faster results
  • Extremely high throughput enabled: currently 6-7m subjects in system per year, projects scale from hundreds to thousands to millions of samples
  • Reduce complexity with multipurpose platform
  • Dynamic reporting solution automatically handles in-house and outsourced reports
  • Open API and modular approach allows easy integration with existing workflows as well as any EHR, LIMS and other portal system
  • Ensured consistent data integrity and quality with tailored pipelines and defined metrics
  • Secure data transmission across lab instruments and local EHR/LIMS systems
  • Parameterisation and documentation of SOP workflows for certified production systems
  • Faster to market results through efficient data delivery and higher production volume with complete process automation possible
  • Continuous reporting of new findings and quality control
  • High efficiency enabled through repeatable and secure workflows for handling complex data across systems

Products & Resources

BC Platforms enables a complete, automated production system from raw data to reports

Phenotypic Information
Solutions to configure, manage and automate workflows for faster and more efficient production
  • Genotyping & NGS Data Ingestion
  • Data Managment Solutions
  • Workflow Configuration
  • Reporting Services

One Solution for Reporting Services

Powered by BC | INTERPRET Cloud

We are your ideal partners for reporting and interoperability for fast insights and seamless report generation

  • Reach and combine multiple reporting services through one service
  • Link and use new reporting and annotation services quickly after their release
  • Integrate results from external reporting services with internal interpretation


BC|INTERPRET Cloud is BC Platforms’ interpretation service (running on your chosen cloud provider). This service links several BC Platforms reporting partners (Wellness, PGx, Ancestry etc.) via 2-way integration between the reporting partner and your system, allowing you to offer end customers various kinds of interpretation reports, especially from genotyping data.

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Press Release

Press Release Gene by Gene Expands Data Production with BC Platforms

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