BC Platforms is a Finnish research-intensive SME whose core competencies are in building powerful software and providing researchers with the technology that enables them to drive advances in understanding complex genetic data. We are a trusted partner or a subcontractor in various EU FP7 HEALTH projects, doing our share in promoting knowledge sharing and working across borders. Our role in these projects is to a deliver collaborative life science research database, customized for the needs of each project.

In addition to setting up the data integration and sharing platform, we offer user training and ongoing support throughout the project. The software platform can also be connected to a calculation resource enabling highly efficient data analysis. All project background and foreground data are federated into the central database and shared with various investigators on a need-to-know basis.

Since all of the data analysis can be performed inside the system framework, there is no need to export and distribute copies of the data, thus enabling a high level of data security. A comprehensive database audit trail and logfile functionality, together with legal agreements, ensures safe data-sharing and provides for an efficient research collaboration environment.

We are interested in new partnership and subcontracting possibilities in the fields of bioinformatics, genetic epidemiology & statistical genetics, biobanking and personalized/precision medicine.