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The complex made intuitive

To enable clinicians and researchers to combine and use all the information seamlessly, we have developed a platform that controls the entire workflow. It integrates different systems and allows analyses to be run via a comprehensive, user-friendly web application.

"It's very easy for users to just pick and choose what they need and what they want."

Anni Ahonen-Bishopp, CTO

Why choose our platform?


We have workflows for any research need that perfectly support clinical usage and collection of phenotypic and genetic data.


Our solution scales up to the multi-petabyte range on a single file system, enabling easy expansion of the infrastructure.

Data security

Our platform meets EU’s strict health and medical data protection requirements and is HIPAA compliant.

High performance

Our repository and data warehouse system fulfills all needs of a large enterprise or a research study.


Genomic data alone is not very useful, but needs to be examined in the right context in research and healthcare.


We are working closely with researchers who provide novel insights in the genome biology of organisms and advance genomic medicine.

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