New biobank setup

A university hospital has recently launched a biobank. The biobank will be used as a data source for their own research, but they’re also seeking external commercial and academic research projects to collaborate with, including clinical trial projects. In addition to collecting clinical data from electronic health records and other hospital databases, they are producing genome data from the patients. As the number of patients is very large, they have decided to go for less expensive genotyping, but also have access to whole exome data produced for healthcare use (patients with rare diseases). In the future, when the price of whole genome sequencing drops, they’ll reconsider switching from genotyping to whole genome sequencing.

For running their daily biobank operations, BC Platforms has delivered software tools for patient consent management and pseudonymisation (BC|CORE), sample warehouse management (BC|SAMPLE), clinical and genome data management and analysis (BC|GENOME), as well as availability queries (BC|RQUEST). Should the new biobank already had some relevant IT systems in place, they could’ve been linked to the BC Platforms modules.

To motivate the patients, the biobank gives pharmacogenetic profile reports to consenting patients. Based on the genomic profile of the patient, the report tells if there are any drugs which the patient should avoid. In addition to the initial report, the patient can download a mobile app for up-to-date information. This functionality is implemented using the BC|PGX module.