Research biobank

The customer uses a 3rd party LIMS system in conjunction with the BC|CLIN phenotype data management application. In addition, the BC|GENOME application manages various other data types, including genealogy, genotype, sequence, copy number variation and different -‘omics’ data types.

The customer’s biobank collaboration policy encourages the collaborating third parties to turn in their research data to the biobank. Data can be any type of genomic data, laboratory values, patient questionnaires, etc. By using the form editor application, all existing data structures can be easily modified to be cohesive, facilitating the storing of all received data to the database.

The BC platform can scale up to population level data amounts, including whole genome data. The platform has inbuilt security features, including full log files and user and group level data access limitations. It can be connected to a local authentication system or used through strong authentication systems like RSA.