Sample repository and genotyping service

Collaborating parties have pooled together their different expertise in certain methodologies and created a working solution for collecting and analyzing specific disease samples in multiple different ways.

BC|SAMPLE and BC|CLIN modules are used in a genotyping laboratory to keep track of collaborators’ samples, and their clinical context. Samples are sent over, registered in BC|SAMPLE, and processed using the saved workflows in the module. PCR genotyping is routinely and repeatedly run on the samples for about 20+ mutations, and BC|SAMPLE retains information about each run and its results. These results are overlaid with the original registered sample information to create a view of genotyping progress. The results of the 20+ PCRs can be immediately seen for each sample, and the laboratory technicians are able to export the data for sample owners.

In addition, another collaborator, who uses BC|CLIN to manage the clinical data associated with the sample collection, is able to directly extract genotype PCR results from the genotyping laboratory’s BC|SAMPLE, to be saved with the clinical and genetic data. The collaborator’s link to the PCR results is restricted to only those samples in their project, and all data transfers are encrypted.