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Data Partner Solutions

Accelerating Global Data Sharing and Impact

Expand Your Data Influence and Medical Research Globally

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Become a Data Partner in BC Platforms’ Global Network and expand your research collaboration opportunities with industry partners. Our federated and transparent data network offers highly secure connectivity, opening doors to global real-world data studies and new funding opportunities.

As part of our Data Network, your data will extend its influence globally, playing a crucial role in driving advancements in drug development and enhancing patient care.

Our Approach

Fostering Data Sharing and Collaboration Through a Global Data Network
Federated and Secure Technology
Global Data Network - Continents
Patient Benefit
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Fostering Data Sharing and Collaboration Through a Global Data Network

Federated and Secure Technology Enabling a Trusted and Transparent Network

Covering Six Continents

Solving Challenges, Driving Opportunities


BC Platforms is uniquely positioned to facilitate a public-utility-like model for data usage through its Global Data Network, unlocking valuable insights and propelling medical research on a global scale.

Our federated collaboration framework prioritizes data partner ownership and control of data while maintaining strict adherence to global and local data privacy and security regulations. Aggregated data is used for feasibility studies and forming cohorts through the network. Data can be accessed but is never physically shared.

BC Platforms’ Data Network, partnered by 90+ hospitals, biobanks, and research centers globally, reaches over 6 continents: Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia and Africa.

We have an exceptionally strong footprint in the EU4 + UK, Asia and the U.S., and we are constantly growing.

Partnership with BC Platforms enables hospitals, biobanks and research centers to leverage the full potential of their real-world data and a sustainable growth through new research and funding opportunities.

As data stewards, we bring the resources for data curation, harmonization, and utilization, as well as the tools and know-how for processing, analyzing, and sharing data. Our solutions support Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and Post Launch Evidence Generation (PLEG) to assess the impact of interventions on patient outcomes.

Accelerating Data Driven Research for Patient Benefit

Our data network enables leveraging the full potential of global real-world data, accelerating research, speed of access to data, and solving for unmet medical patient needs.

Data sharing and research collaboration will generate more publications, enable better disease management, targeted therapies, and new treatments through clinical trial opportunities.

Why Become a Data Partner?

BC Platforms values the importance of all research to solve for unmet medical needs, and enables Data Partners’ internal and collaborative research as a partnership benefit.


Globally harmonised datasets

Novel data and sample collections

Easy Data Sharing

Adhering to local Data use/sharing process


Pre-research (feasibility)

Data Readiness

Data Access

Controlled Data Sharing




Technology (where needed)

Connections to other Research Institutes

Secure Collaboration Environment



Better disease management

Targeted therapies

New Treatments through clinical trial opportunities

Global Data Network

Global Data Network

Expand your impact in drug development and patient care

As a member of our Data Partner Network, your data will have a global reach, playing a pivotal role in advancing innovations in drug development and patient care. Coupled with BC Platforms’ valuable insights and tools, your data will not only enhance your organization’s capabilities but also open doors to new collaborative ventures and funding opportunities.

Security & Data Privacy: BC Platforms’ Commitment

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The cornerstone of our global Data Partner Network is a state-of-the-art, highly secure, and confidential technology-enabled service platform designed to facilitate collaboration between Data Partners and Researchers. Data Partner Network features a federated architecture that preserves data within the Data Partner’s local premises, behind their protective firewall. The data integrated into the platform is subject to strict anonymization and consent for secondary use, with access meticulously controlled through both procedural protocols and software applications. Access is governed by local usage rights and predefined research scopes.

With our ISO-certified, innovative platform, BC Platforms guarantees the utmost security for our Data Partners’ data, all within a public-utility-like environment.

Trusted by Healthcare and Life Science Organizations

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