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Data Platform & Analytics Solutions

A winning combination and the partner for your Real-World Data journey

From Discovery to Impact

Reshaping Real-World Data Research

BC Platforms Multimodal Platform empowers pharma companies with a versatile suite of tools to support clinical development and real-world evidence generation.

Our recommended solutions and secure data environment will be tailored according to your nuanced requirements from internal analytics and data management solutions, to study specific real-world data access, analytics and data sharing/collaboration.

Enterprise Solution

Secure Environment and data warehouse which enables complete management of internally and/or externally sourced multi-modal data, including clinical, genomic and imaging data to support rapid and well characterized drug discovery and to accelerate the clinical development journey.

  • Secure Data Environment solution architecture
  • Access global data from Data Partners in BC Platforms Federated Data Network, or data from specifically recruited Data Partners
  • Access row level data partner RWD instead of “Data Copy/Download” approach
  • Harmonization, quality assurance are performed on the Data Partner data by the BC Platforms Data Science team
  • Output will be a dataset and report presented according to the use-case and target data model of the Study Protocol (e.g. CDISC or other)
  • Ability to combine RWD with pharma imported Clinical Trial (CT) data sets for analysis
  • Powered by BC|INSIGHT and BC|RQUEST

Study Specific Real-World Data Access

Our platform and secure collaborative data environment can be used as a study specific work-space which provides several important benefits for the data holders and sponsors.

This secure, collaborative data environment will enable access to the patient-level data in a streamlined manner, and to perform all needed analytics on this data, including the option of combining with internal clinical trial data.

  • Provides additional level of security and control for the data partner
  • Minimizes time, effort, and cost for the data partners to participate by leveraging an already structured format
  • Enables cross-sharing of data between data partners participating in the specific study and for the data to be pooled into a global cohort
  • Provides a mechanism for the sponsor to also share data with data partners as desired

Real-World Data Access Methodology – Enabled by Technology and Expert Consulting

What makes BC Platforms different, unique even, is our ability to source data using a mix of methods.

Spanning from access to rich, continuously updated, multi-modal cohorts for solid tumor oncology indications, to federated access to aggregated or patient-level data to primary data collection using validated electronic case report forms (eCRFs). Combined with our expert consulting, and services for real-world data, non-interventional studies and clinical trials, we can support specific steps of your evidence generation or end-to-end to a winning solution.

scientist working

Fast Feasibility

Explore Real-World Data sets from our Global Data Network for your RWD use case.

  • No study protocols or ethics approvals at this stage
  • User-Friendly Queries
  • Rich Visualizations
  • Federated Analytics
  • Powered by BC|RQUEST

Deep Feasibility

Identify a cohort of interest from the Explore stage, and register your interest in our Study project access management tool.

  • Study Planning: Protocol development, statistical analysis plan and data model
  • Contracting discussions including our initiation of ethics approvals on your behalf at each site you require for your study.

Patient level RWD

BC Platforms harmonizes the structured and unstructured data into a study data model of your choice, and delivers it to you in a Secure Data Environment.

  • Established connections to remote set of data
  • Access for authorized users
  • Users can bring their own analytical packages
  • Powered by BC|INSIGHT 

Our biostatistics and epidemiology team help you to calculate the relevant endpoints, analyze and present the results related to the study objectives.

  • Endpoint derivations
  • Handling missing data
  • Patient reports (listings)
  • Data presentations (tables)
  • Data visualization (graphs)
  • Statistical analysis (results)

BC Platforms medical writers work together with you on results interpretation and preparing scientific text including appropriate discussions and conclusions.

  • Results presentation
  • Prepare study report
  • Scientific manuscripts
  • Marketing material

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