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Scale Up Your Data Management, Analytics and Insights

High-Throughput, Interoperability, Federated Analytics and Real-Time Insights

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Complete Solution for Healthcare Data Management, Analysis and Collaborative Research

BC Platforms sophisticated Multimodal Platform empowers healthcare organizations and researchers with a versatile suite of tools for managing real-world data and integrated analysis across various data types.

With a focus on flexibility, scalability, and security, our platform provides an ideal environment for advancing multimodal research, unlocking new possibilities for groundbreaking discoveries.

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BC Platforms’ solution stack spans from raw data ingestion, pipelines, quality control, and curation to downstream data management, querying, access and analysis.

Our systems are modular by design, achieving functional requirements and meeting customers’ distinctive use cases in their own order of priority. 

Secure Data Environment for Multimodal Research

Our Platform offers an advanced secure environment for multimodal research with federated research capabilities. Designed to empower researchers with a comprehensive suite of tools for integrated analysis of diverse data types, enabling groundbreaking insights across clinical data, genomics, proteomics, imaging and more.

Versatile Analytical Pipelines: 

  • User interface facilitates UI based phenotypic, omics, and imaging (2024) cohort building/browsing/visualization alongside PLINK-based quick-start analysis pipelines.  
  • Pre-integrated tools like Jupyter Notebooks and R Studio allow for further custom analytics via Python, R and Julia  
  • Researchers can also bring their own algorithms (e.g. MATLAB, Regenie) into the environment via Docker images and call these via shell script from a terminal or via Nextflow 

Any 3rd party analysis: 

  • Open architecture solution delivering the highest standards of security 
  • Data read and analysis APIs facilitate interoperability with other data networks and 3rd party analytical tools (e.g. Power BI or SAS; SAS licensing managed separately) 

Performant Data Analysis: 

  • The underlying cloud native architecture of every BC Platforms’ solution allows us to take advantage of the scalability and elasticity of a cloud environment 

Infrastructure optimization by Researcher: 

  • The solution allows the researcher to select the infrastructure on which their analysis runs and allows to pass through the associated infrastructure costs to the researchers and their organization

Any data type can be integrated: 

  • The solution supports seamless integration of diverse source data including but not limited to VCF, gVCF, BAM/CRAM, FASTQ/A files, phenotypic, probe expression values and methylation data  
  • Enables the integration of external annotation sources such as Clinvar, JARVIS and HGMD, providing comprehensive analytical insights for researchers 
  • Imaging management and analysis will be integrated in Q3 2024

 Any Data Model is supported: 

  • Flexible clinical and –omics data models enabling a unified environment for seamless querying
  • Any data model can be supported most having been implemented by our customer projects (OMOP CDM, GA4GH Phenopackets, SDTM, custom study data model, etc.)  

Performant Data Load and Storage: 

  • For high volume genomic data, our solution boasts exceptional load performance with incremental VCF/gVCF ingestion with our BC|TILING technology
  • Users can then extract meaningful information from merged multimodal data: –omics data, phenotypic data and images

Flexible data conversion, migration and extraction: 

  • Empowers users to take advantage of multiple tools enabling complex data conversion, transformation and harmonization, using technology provided by both BC Platforms (e.g. Data Import Wizard, BC|MATCH) and 3rd party technology (Nextflow, Python, R, ETL tools, such as Apache AirFlow and Pentaho)
  • 3rd party integration is enabled via our comprehensive set of APIs

Pipeline Management and Clinical Interpretation

Our solutions are crafted for healthcare institutions with a specific emphasis on the clinical interpretation of genomic data. This approach not only propels precision medicine practices but also optimally leverages the generated data for research purposes.

BC Platforms’ Data Management & Analysis platform provides healthcare organizations with an efficient end-to-end solution for genomic sequencing data processing, seamlessly integrating clinically actionable reports into Electronic Health Records (EHR). 

With support for both small and massive scale genomic data production, the platform automates high-throughput workflows, offers tertiary analysis options, and manages a variety of data types for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Genotyping, and Variant Interpretations, streamlining operations and maximizing the utility of generated genomic data. 

  • Customizable sample quality control
  • End-to-end solution for genotyping and NGS data
  • Customizable & streamlined reporting
  • Interoperable with your EHR
  • Supports multiple pipelines & extensive analytics
  • Variant database for interpretation
  • Enhanced Interoperability achieved via integrations enabled through multiple APIs available and HL7 messaging framework embedded
  • Monitoring of the analysis process and quality statistics of analysis outputs with extensive configuration options of the quality metrics of choice 
  • Repeatable and scalable process from raw data to seamless reporting of genomic variants of interest 
  • Scalability and flexibility in data processing  
    High configurability allows creation and configuration of pipelines for data analysis based on the specific user needs. Management and traceable versioning of user designed workflows
  • User management integration and access control
    Only authorized users can access the application and perform user role specific actions within the system


Single solution for managing an end-to-end biobank process from participant consent to data and specimen releases. 

Our Biobanking Solution is crafted for healthcare organizations seeking an enterprise level package to handle administrative project and sample management operations in alignment with the storing of clinical and omics data under one platform, and with the goal of facilitating internal research and potential external collaboration.

BC Platforms’ Biobanking Solution provides full visibility to biobank participants, recorded consents, and projects managed by a biobank. It integrates with our other products for cross-referencing sample data with clinical information and ensures role-based permission control and audit trails for sample ownership and history.   


  • Centralizes everyday routine laboratory tasks, including registering and shipping samples, uploading analytical data, and managing sample usage in various research projects at different sites 
  • Supports project management processes for biobanks and partner entities controlling collaborative data and sample sources 
  • Compliance with biobank legislation and regulations concerning consent-based data access 
  • Facilitates tracking of multiple patient aliases and IDs while ensuring protection of sensitive patient information  
  • Only authorized users can access the application and identifiable information 
  • Seamless integration with customer’s own clinical data warehouse allows coordination of sample availability with clinical data availability in creation of data releases for research purposes outside the platform 
  • The integration capabilities for eConsenting, hospital laboratory system, laboratory devices and public registries enable seamless and prompt processing of biobanking and research data, and release users from pedantic manual processing 
  • Inbuilt and custom reports for monitoring the progress of study collections 
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Why BC Platforms?

  • Capacity for handling massive data volumes with proprietary BC|TILING technology
  • Unlimited scaling capability with seamless, end to end workflows and faster results
  • High efficiency enabled through repeatable and secure workflows for handling complex data across systems
  • Tailored data processing workflows for high throughput, automated production 
  • Diverse data formats supported and flexible data models 
  • Ability to setup and ultimately lock down SOP workflows in compliance with CLIA and other required certifications
  • Flexible infrastructure with multiple APIs available and HL7 messaging framework embedded 
  • Integrates with third party analytics tool 
  • Unique data harmonization capabilities based on 25+ years of handling genomic and clinical data
  • Platform creates an ideal environment for collaborative research using real-world data and genomics in a highly efficient and compliant way 
  • Scalable, efficient process enables accelerated interpretation of new insights to fuel improved clinical practice 
  • Faster, better quality clinically relevant findings through connectivity to multiple genomic variant databases creating one source of truth validated by your clinicians
  • HIPAA 
  • GDPR 
  • CE marked as an IVD 
  • ISO 27001 Certified 
  • Continual Data Security Audits and Assessments

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