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A Robust Technology Framework for Real-World Data

Unlocking Value from Data to Drive Innovation

Explore Our Globally Secure Technology Platform

BC Platforms leverages unique technology for full scale multimodal healthcare data management, analysis and access, facilitating research and collaboration. Our solutions are enterprise ready for the secure data environment challenges that define the Real-World Data space.

Technological Capabilities in Highlight

Infinite Genomics

With BC|TILING Technology you can future-proof your genomics work streams and infrastructure. Tiling Technology enables the ingestion, storage, and utilization of genomic data on a scale and in ways previously unimagined. The technology builds beyond storing genomic data efficiently for different use cases. With integrated annotations and downstream optimized output formats, it is possible to execute end-to-end scenarios more efficiently and with a wider set of tools – making it the perfect solution for storing and utilizing your growing genomic asset in the long term.

Facilitates efficient storage, high-performance, scalable analysis and AI of large genomic data sets.

  • Compact and cost efficient storing enabled by data compression
  • Highly scalable data management, from study to population scale datasets
  • High-performance analysis distributed to 100’s-1000’s of calculation nodes, leading to faster query times, in seconds and minutes
  • Advanced querying possible through integrated annotation databases
  • Annotation databases can be used for search space reduction in AI/ML applications, and any custom and commercial annotation databases are easy to add
  • Extensive set of importer and exporter tools for genomic filetypes (VCF, Plink etc.) to simplify data processing
  • Interoperability supports cloud or on-prem solutions, no lock-in effect for one vendor, customization & optimization, integration with other existing systems and custom workflows

Multimodal Data Management

At the core of our platform are comprehensive capabilities to efficiently ingest, store and manage large multimodal data assets in healthcare context and make them available for downstream data analysis.

  • Clinical Data
  • Phenotype data
  • Genomics
  • Omics
  • Imaging

Data Federation and Security

BC Platforms is a pioneer of federated analysis and secure data environments. Our solutions meet the strict security requirements for healthcare data and secure research environments, as well as the pharma companies’ data security standards, enabling the highest security measures on a global scale.

Allows researchers to derive insights from multiple datasets and locations in a secure manner, without individual level data leaving its original location.

  • A highly secure, proxied and logged data exchange layer for exchanging information between orchestration and data source layers
  • Only anonymous, aggregate (GDPR ‘non-personal’) data leaves the server, ensuring patients’ privacy
  • Only the parameters of the analysis workflows and methods, not actual workflows, are delivered to data hosting sites containing pseudonymized information classified as personal data in GDPR. All workflows that can be executed are pre-approved by data custodians in order to guarantee data privacy

Secure Data Environments (SDEs), also known as ‘Data Safe Heavens’ or ‘Trusted Research Environments’ (TREs), stand for robust platforms facilitating secure access to health data for authorized users, particularly researchers. These environments provide meticulous control to overseeing organizations, enabling the specification of user permissions, defining accessible datasets, regulating user activities, and overseeing the removal of analysis findings. Crucially, SDEs play a pivotal role in balancing the imperative of collaborative research with the need to manage sensitive patient data responsibly.

BC Platforms adheres to the highest global standards of data privacy and security (ISO 27001, ISO 27701, GDPR, UK and Singapore GDPR, Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection, HIPAA, EU Digital Services Act) while continually working to align to changing and emerging regulatory frameworks.

Scalable Deployments

Our scalable deployments and cloud agnostic solutions capture the benefits of interoperability in a healthcare framework, and enable a robust start and large scale operation. We reshape how Real-world data is analyzed both on-premise and virtually, by securely deploying directly into customers preferred infrastructure.

  • We provide Offline On-Premise Environments to full scale Cloud Deployments, and mixed deployments
  • Cloud Deployments are supported across AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Other cloud providers can be supported on demand
  • All BC Platforms solutions support deployment using the latest Kubernetes containerised architecture
  • We use and support the Kubernetes cluster service on all major cloud providers. In addition, we have deployed our technology on the Kubernetes environments of major national high performance computer environments
  • We also provide support when clients require the installation of our solution on-premise, including on both physical and virtualized servers within their own data center and behind their firewalls. We recommend the use of K3S in these circumstances and offer a training service for anyone new to K3S deployments

At BC Platforms we believe that cloud agnostic solutions are a necessity to capture the benefits of interoperability in a healthcare framework. In turn, through modern architecture components such as a containerisation, cloud agnostic solutions are providing the best of both worlds by still optimally using various cloud services as well as enabling the use of latest technology innovations.

Niko Hurskainen | CTO at BC Platforms


Our advanced, modular software empowers data management and analytics with efficient variant storage, high-throughput distributed analysis, and dynamic data management, reshaping real-world data research possibilities.

Scalable Software: Powered by Our Core Offerings

Discover the driving force behind BC Platforms’ robust software suite — three core products tailored to enhance your technology capabilities and configured to power a range of solutions.


For federated data access and analysis

An analytics and service platform, providing researchers visibility to clinical and genetic data collections from biobanks worldwide, and the tools to conduct research, coordinate collaboration, and facilitate data exchange.

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For Health data management and multimodal research

A scalable research data warehouse, offering extended research analytics capabilities within secure research workspaces.

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For scalable omic data production

A data management and analysis platform, supporting small and massive scale omic data production in healthcare organizations and genetic testing laboratories ​​- the foundation of our personalized medicine platform.

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