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Understanding Real-World Data

Data sources exist, however, significant challenges are associated with complicated accessibility, data interoperability, data quality and cumbersome harmonization. Furthermore, the most valuable data elements needed for comparative outcome studies are unstructured – e.g. captured in EHR case notes, driving variability and complexity exponentially.

Knowing Use-case (what will the data be used for), therapy area (patient and treatment journey, specific data elements, structured/unstructured EHR data, etc.) and geographic scope (local regulation, clinical guideline variations, etc.), time-line and budget available will enable the fit-for purpose RWD solution:

  • Right Data sources: EMR, Registry, Patient Reported/Generated 
  • Data collection & Tech: Primary data collection via eCRF, Secondary data collection via federation and/or existing databases, combination
  • Right solution: Interventional Study, Observational study

Rich Real-World Datasets and Know-How at Your Fingertips

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We offer the industry’s most Comprehensive Real-World Data Solutions

Take advantage of our expertise and global footprint to diversify your data sources and add rapidly a wider global reach to your studies. We do the heavy lifting for you.

Global Data Network
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Global Data Network & Data Access Know-How

Imaging & Clinical Datasets

Scientific Services

Secure Data Environments (SDE)

  • Global reach
  • Strategic markets: US, UK, EU4, Japan
  • Quick feasibility requests
  • Patient Level Longitudinal Data (Protocolized) studies
  • Primary and secondary data collection methods; eCRF, query of existing database, federated data access
  • Access to clinical data of over 80 million patient lives.
  • Access to Finest Rich European RWD sets for oncology, neurology, cardiology, rare disease
  • Diverse imaging data (CT, MRI, and PET scans, surgical videos) across radiology, nuclear medicine, and anatomopathology.
  • Precise image segmentation tools, automatic detection capabilities, accurate measurement features.
  • In-depth data exploration, advanced analysis, comprehensive annotation through algorithms
  • Biomarkers enabling experts to tailor treatments based on individual characteristics.
  • Clinical Trial Services
  • Data Science & Programming
  • Medical Writing
  • Federated access & analytics platform
  • GDPR compliant framework


BC Platforms promotes CIAN —”Cohort Insights Analytics Networks”— providing “ready to use” tailored datasets for exploratory and descriptive analyses. This comprehensive approach integrates medical images, clinical, biological, histological, and molecular data, reflecting our commitment to advancing healthcare through innovative data solutions.

This image shows four clinicians looking at lung imaging exams

CIAN Lung is a multimodal cohort of Lung Cancer patients for clinical research and RWE projects

  • Multimodal approach including pathology, biology, imaging, radiotherapy, clinical data, and genomics.
  • Harmonized data model used by data partners ensuring high-quality data.
  • Clinical use cases sponsored by academics, biotech, top pharmaceutical, and medical device companies.
  • Continuously evolving cohort in NSCLC and SCLC for the development of new solutions for patients.

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