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From Data to Health

Power your research, clinical support, data utilization and collaboration possibilities with leading technology

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A Healthier Future

We share a vision of a learning health system, where data-driven approaches together with artificial intelligence (AI), can make healthcare more personalized, precise, and predictive or even preventative.

Secure access to harmonized datasets is paramount to applying machine learning, AI tools, deep learning, federation and data analytics for research and development.

Insights and impact will multiply when data becomes a shared asset. Studies can start and finish sooner. Treatments can reach patients faster

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Our expertise turns data into actionable insights, which become impactful solutions leading to a healthier future around the world

Our aim: Maximise the value of your data and accelerate your success


Our recommended solutions will be tailored according to your unique and nuanced requirements. Whether you are a healthcare or a research institution seeking an enterprise level solution for clinical/-omics data management, interpretation, clinical decision support, or driving precision medicine or public health initiatives – our solutions are there to facilitate both internal research and potential external collaboration.

  • Expertise in bringing together multimodal data (genomic, -omics, clinical and imaging, registry and claims data), into one platform
  • Knowledge and technology to curate and harmonize disparate data types & sources to global standards e.g. OMOP
  • Unique Tiling Technology to future-proof massive genomics work streams, analytics and infrastructure
  • Multimodal Platform for healthcare organizations and researchers for managing real-world data and integrated analysis across various data types, supporting actionable evidence and decision making
  • Platform providing an ideal environment for research collaboration in a highly Secure Data Environment, and AI & Federated Analytics Capabilities
  • Data Partner Solutions maximizing the value of data and opening doors to scientific collaborations through a Global Data Network
  • Superior security adhering to the highest global standards (GDPR, HIPAA, ISO certifications 13485 and 27001)


Data Management & Analysis
Secure Data Environments
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Data Management & Analysis

Secure Data Environments

Data Partner Solutions

AI & Federated Analysis

Advance your research. Drive precision medicine efforts.

Our Data Management & Analytics offering for healthcare and research provides a comprehensive suite of tools, including high-throughput workflows, federated analytics, and real-time insights. The sophisticated multimodal platform facilitates secure data management and integrated analysis across various data types, empowering organizations to advance research and unlock groundbreaking discoveries efficiently and securely.

Safeguard your health data. Enable collaborative research.

Secure Data Environments manage sensitive patient data while allowing access to researchers, and are increasingly vital tools in enabling collaborative research. At BC Platforms, we are fully aware of the importance and challenges of maintaining the security of patient data and have, therefore, designed solutions that meet the highest security demands globally.

Expand your research collaboration. Join our global data network.

Our Data Partners are able to collaborate with other academic, healthcare, and pharmaceutical institutions on research projects and publication opportunities. Combined with the insight and tools that BC Platforms provides, your data will strengthen your own organization by expanding collaborative opportunities and securing new funding sources.

Supporting AI model training and validation.

BC Platforms specializes in harnessing privacy-preserving data analytics techniques, such as federated analysis, to address the evolving landscape of healthcare. We are confident that Federated AI is poised to become the next major breakthrough, and our offerings are geared towards facilitating AI model training and validation within this paradigm.

Contributing to Global Healthcare Projects

BC Platforms has been making significant contributions to global healthcare projects, accelerating the field of precision medicine and groundbreaking research. By partnering with esteemed organizations and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we are at the forefront of key initiatives worldwide.


EU funded AI-driven cancer data initiative, supporting the development of effective medicines, reducing spending on drugs that yield little benefit and enabling oncologists to promote value-based cancer care.

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Strategic partnership to accelerate data-driven medicine in Japan. This collaboration will introduce a national medical data distribution platform to integrate, curate, and harmonize Japanese healthcare data.

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Southampton Clinical Trials Unit IdX Lung:

Collaboration to accelerate lung cancer detection in early-stage patients.

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Global Data Network

Cross-Boarder Insights

90+ Data Partners  – 6 Continents  – 80+ Million Patient Lives

Trusted by leading healthcare and life science organizations

By joining BC Platforms, you maximize your opportunities for collaboration on research projects and publication opportunities. Become part of an ecosystem transforming how data is leveraged to benefit patients worldwide.

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