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Leading Multimodal Data Solutions for a New Era

Empowering innovation through a scalable software suite

Optimal Variant Storage

Highly scalable genomic data storage and management, combining advanced querying functionality with an extensive set of importer and exporter tools to simplify data processing

High-Throughput Distributed Tertiary Analysis

Innovative model utilizes tiled data for scalable tertiary analysis and incorporates an API for distributed data access within a secure network to execute genomic analysis locally

Robust Data Management

Database empowers users to create custom data structures for clinical and phenotypic data, integrating management and analysis into existing datasets without the need to remodel

Extended Genomic Data Analysis

Pipeline automation, effortlessly processes NGS and array data, with a cloud-agnostic design that enables seamless pipeline execution across multiple clouds with automated quality control analysis

Leading Variant Interpretation

Guideline-based variant interpretation and detailed reporting in accordance with ACMG and ASCO standards, providing automated data import, comprehensive decision support for sequencing data analysis, and a knowledge base for future queries and reports

Advanced Cross-System Interoperability

Integrates LIMS and EHR with HL7 and FHIR support, automating pipelines, and offering REST APIs for seamless workflows, including order registration and report delivery

Ready to Discover the Full Potential of BC Platforms’ Software?

Software Offerings

Discover the driving force behind BC Platforms’ robust software suite — three core products tailored to enhance your technology capabilities and configured to power a range of solutions.


For federated data access and analysis

An analytics and service platform, providing researchers visibility to clinical and genetic data collections from biobanks worldwide, and the tools to conduct research, coordinate collaboration, and facilitate data exchange.

BC | Insight

For Health data management and multimodal research

A scalable research data warehouse, offering extended research analytics capabilities within secure research workspaces.

BC | Genome

For scalable omic data production

A data management and analysis platform, supporting small and massive scale omic data production in healthcare organizations and genetic testing laboratories – the foundation of our personalized medicine platform.


Fueling discovery, opportunities and collaboration across the globe

  • Simplify the process of identifying sample and data availability across various biobanks, hospitals and data controllers, reducing research lead times
  • Provide rapid responses to analytical queries, leveraging aggregated genomic and clinical data for more efficient research
  • Facilitate streamlined collaboration between biobanks, hospitals, and external researchers for a more productive and interconnected research ecosystem
  • Minimize the need for extensive data harmonization efforts by offering a unified platform for diverse data sources underpinned by the OMOP CDM or any other standardized data model you choose
  • Allow researchers to submit their research study requests and integrate with the data controller’s workflow management system for approving such requests
  • Integrate data seamlessly with BC|RQUEST’s secure architecture
  • Store both phenotypic and genotypic data, ensuring easy access for BC|RQUEST researcher queries
  • Allow BC|RQUEST jobs to be run behind your firewall, simplifying and removing data exchange and data governance issues. True federation
  • Conduct genomic analyses in real-time for BC|RQUEST queries, accelerating research outcomes. Allow federated running of pheno/geno algorithms such as PLINK
  • Maintain a comprehensive local audit trail, tracking all executed queries for specific data sources, ensuring transparency and data integrity


Harness the power of streamlined data through a scalable real-world data hub with enhanced research analytics

  • Secure data sharing ​within and ​outside your organization, enabling research collaboration ​in ​our ​proven ​Secure Environment​ solution architecture​
  • Define clinical and -omic datasets, upload raw data, and establish precise permissions​ and user profiles​
  • Combine automation with complete control over your data assets and workflows​. Full Data Governance features allowing you to manage a FAIR environment
  • Access an intuitive ​user​ interface, supporting both internal and external researchers for accelerated open analysis while utilizing BC|TILING technology for cataloging massive genomic data sets for faster discoveries
  • Integrate with the BC|RQUEST Availability and Access Portal to explore cohorts and request access to detailed data within a secure workspace, creating new opportunities for ​secure environment ​research collaboration
  • Interoperate with customer portals to accelerate research insights
  • Organize data access policies for biobanks based on leveraging our patient consent management tool and code register
  • Support versioning of consents and allow for dynamic access updates to patient data, ensuring accurate compliance with consent-related regulations and facilitating changes upon consent updates and withdrawals
  • Access a patient alias registry that offers pseudonymization and anonymization, enhancing patient confidentiality while maintaining data integrity
  • Ensure compliance with biobank legislation and regulations related to consent-based data access, providing the technical mechanisms needed for regulated consent and sample registration events during sample collections
  • Maintain historical sample collections derived under different versions of consent, ensuring continuity in data management
  • Assist in the linking of distributed and anonymized biobank data to patient records through surrogate keys, maintaining a secure link between data and identifiable information
  • Experience a self-service web platform for biobank sample management that seamlessly tracks the entire sample lifecycle from collection to analysis
  • Manage complex sample metadata and hierarchies with customizable collection forms, fields, and configurable workflows to match your unique processes
  • Automate sample shipments and logistics, integrating with laboratory information systems for streamlined operations
  • Benefit from robust searching and filtering capabilities for biospecimens, coupled with audit trail tracking and version history for increased data transparency
  • Utilize advanced labeling and barcode printing for easy identification and sample storage monitoring with alert functionalities
  • Ensure data security with role-based access control and connectivity through APIs, supported by up-to-date chain of custody documentation and dedicated support for onboarding and training
  • Experience comprehensive data management with a flexible and scalable platform for managing participant phenotypic and clinical data, offering tools for patient questionnaires, data queries, and reporting
  • Simplify the management and monitoring of studies, with the core functionality, participant data collection, integrating participant data for a holistic approach
  • Ensure data security standards with granular data access controls, confirming compliance with patient confidentiality regulations and standards
  • Facilitate standardized data input, enhancing data quality and integrity, while making intensive patient data collection with questionnaires straightforward
  • Centralize and manage data in one location, sharing it securely with multiple users and projects to make collaboration with external parties feasible in a high-security environment
  • Effortlessly manage data through a user-friendly web interface with the flexibility to customize data models for participant data collection
  • Support the import and export of data in various formats — such as text, Excel, and SPSS — while also enabling the analysis of stored phenotype data with Notebooks
  • Easily map incoming data fields to Dictionary-defined fields, enabling seamless data integration
  • Perform data type conversions and integrity checks while ensuring the completeness of data elements for accurate and reliable processing
  • Retrieve summary statistics for data elements, generate values and constants, and execute basic mathematical transformations
  • Save and continue work on projects in progress, keeping your curation tasks organized and efficient
  • Share dictionaries and unfinished curation projects with other curators, facilitating collaboration and knowledge distribution
  • Maintain a history of projects, reruns, and iterations of harmonization tasks, providing a comprehensive record of data processing and curation activities
  • Exercise flexible data access controls with granular permission settings​. Network Ingress and Egress rules are established to prevent the researchers from downloading row level data from the BC|INSIGHT environment
  • Secure data access layer to allo​w external researchers to access secure data environment hosted in restricted access zone


Experience a new level of clinical genomic data production, data management and analysis efficiency

  • Manage all common data types for NGS, Genotype, and variant analysis on the platform
  • Scales effortlessly from clinical genomics lab to operating within a high-throughput lab environment to meet your growing demands
  • Tailor data analysis pipelines to your specific requirements, integrating with local infrastructure, such as LIMS and instruments, for a personalized genomics workflow
  • Parameterize and automate workflow execution, optimizing efficiency while maintaining precision
  • Ensure full traceability and repeatability, meeting the rigorous standards required for clinical use, assuring data reliability and compliance
  • Automate data importation in various formats, including FASTQ and uBAM, from configured input sources, such as cloud buckets or blobs, streamlining data handling
  • View and manage comprehensive meta-data, including patient, order, sample, and NGS run-related, through integrations with local systems to enhance data organization
  • Customize, configure, parameterize, version, and run customer-defined secondary analysis pipelines for NGS data
  • Utilize workflow definition language and an easy-to-use user interface to define parameters, inputs, and outputs, simplifying the pipeline configuration process
  • Parameterize and automate workflow execution with multiple mechanisms to launch analyses, ensuring efficiency and scalability
  • Integrate with local infrastructure to achieve complete automated execution of NGS secondary analytics execution and exchange of event and status messages, promoting a tightly interconnected data processing environment
  • Provide a reliable and widely used standard integration method facilitated through RESTful API
  • Utilize a robust communication framework for data exchange with advanced integration options including HL7-messaging
  • Efficiently view and manage approvals for quality analytics results for all analysis pipeline-produced files — FASTQ, BAM, VCF — encompassing both technical and clinical approval of NGS secondary analytics, along with selected quality metric visualizations
  • Streamline workflows and ensure that the right personnel are involved in the approval process with role-based assignment and approval steps
  • Monitor sample quality using a dashboard equipped with various graphs and visualizations
  • Effortlessly merge analysis pipeline-produced files into BC|INTERPRET, where variants can be annotated, interpreted, and reported according to industry-standard ACMG and ASCO guidelines for custom interpretation report generation
  • Seamlessly integrate with LIMS and healthcare messaging systems for fully automated execution of NGS secondary analytics and efficient exchange of event and status
  • Run on your chosen cloud provider, offering flexibility and scalability for your interpretation needs
  • Reach and combine multiple reporting services through a user-friendly platform, streamlining your reporting workflow
  • Classify variants according to ACMG best practice recommendations and identify clinically relevant variants in line with ACMG and AMP/ASCO best practice guidelines
  • Link and utilize new reporting and annotation services quickly, after their release, staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in genomic analysis
  • Integrate results from external reporting services seamlessly with internal interpretation, providing a comprehensive and cohesive solution for your genotyping data analysis

Ready to Discover the Full Potential of BC Platforms’ Software?

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