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Data-driven, impactful insights powering decisions across the product lifecycle

Rich health data from a global Real-World Data network. Technology to enabled data access and sharing. Scientific services throughout the clinical development pathway

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A Healthier Future

We share a vision of a learning health system, where artificial intelligence (AI) can make health and healthcare more personalized, precise, and predictive or even preventative.

Secure access to harmonized datasets are paramount to applying AI tools, machine learning, deep learning, federation and data analytics for research and development.

Insights and impact will multiply when data becomes a shared asset. Studies can start and finish sooner. Treatments can reach patients faster.


We enable Pharma to propel drug research with an innovative suite of solutions and services, offering unmatched capabilities across the R&D spectrum

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Accessing the right global health datasets

For your research question and use case

Evidence planning requires critical information gathering while understanding the stakeholder and market landscape, patient pathways, differences in treatment protocols, variance and availability of structured health data, all of which will impact choices for data sources and access methodology.

Compliance to local data privacy regulations and ethics regulations when conducting your research and/or intelligence gathering is essential – altogether making the task feel overwhelming.

We at BC Platforms can help you navigate through these complexities and ensure compliance, ultimately enabling you to obtain the necessary data for your research and use case with confidence.


Our experience, solutions, and trusted guidance help to overcome concerns associated with data privacy and challenges with limited data accessibility, interoperability and data quality

Setting New Standards for Life Sciences Innovation

Shorten time to insight and to impact – treatments can get to patients faster, with safety and privacy firmly protected.

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Access clinically rich health data sets – including imaging and genomics.

Leverage our Global Data Network, covering all strategic markets across continents.

Leverage our leading-edge Platform for access, sharing and analytics and our top scientific services and human advice.

  • We offer the unique ability to hunt, obtain, and source patient data, from global healthcare organizations, both retrospectively and prospectively. Tailored by region, disease, and research aims, our precision data sourcing meets project-based research needs. We enable site and patient recontact information at your fingertips, facilitating extensive, data-rich studies
  • Combining data collection methodology
  • Partner to design a bespoke data network or data set
  • Contextualized data enabling a comprehensive view of the disease including demographic, clinical, imaging and genomic data
  • Aggregated cohorts in Oncology solid tumors, Neurology, Cardio Vascular (CV) and Rare disease

With our strict focus on data security and GDPR compliance, we are able to provide clients with data access, allowing the client to interact with the data to generate insights needed in drug development, whilst ownership and control of the data is always kept with the Data Provider.

With enhanced proprietary genomic data handling, management, storage, and analytics capabilities, we support all genomic file types, providing researchers, geneticists, and biotech companies with advanced tools for genomics research and analysis.

  • Core imaging expertise, multimodal contextualization
    • CT scans
    • MRI scans
    • PET scans
    • Surgical videos

Elevate your clinical research with our comprehensive solutions and services. From design to report publication, we are your trusted partner at every stage of your research journey.

  • Planning and executing clinical trials, including protocol development and statistical analysis plan (SAP)
  • Data science services: epidemiology, biostatistics, programming
  • Medical and regulatory report writing

Solution Map Across the Product Lifecycle

Advance the field of life sciences with our cutting-edge offerings, providing unique expertise across the research and development continuum.

Research & Development

Target population prioritization and characterization

Identifying subgroups of interest

Optimizing clinical trial design, inclusion/exclusion criteria

Natural history
of disease

Regulatory Approval

Natural history 
of disease

Treatment pathways

Unmet needs

Identify suitable comparators

External control arm

HEOR Market Access

Burden of disease

Cost of illness

Health care resource utilization (HCRU)

External control arm (addressing varying standards of care)

Outcomes studies

Comparative effectiveness

Post Approval Follow Up

Outcomes studies

Comparative effectiveness

Uptake tracking

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By joining BC Platforms, you open the doors to clinical research institutions around the world. Become part of an ecosystem that is transforming how data is leveraged to the benefit of patients worldwide.

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