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BC Platforms and Euformatics sign a strategic partnership agreement

BC Platforms and Euformatics sign a strategic partnership agreement

A strategic co-operation agreement was signed between two bioinformatics companies to introduce a more efficient solution for the analysis of genetic causes of diseases.

BC Platforms develops comprehensive solutions for the better use of genetic information. Secure and high quality data integration and management combined with Euformatics’ automated NGS data interpretation process and visualization offers a powerful platform for handling big data at a scale.

Euformatics’s medical decision support solution omnomicsNGS is now embedded inside the BC Enterprise solution. “We offer an appealing value proposition to healthcare customers in their clinical work”, comments Tero Silvola, CEO of BC Platforms. “Now our company is able to provide geneticists and medical doctors with easy-to-use and dynamic user interface for better data visualization and reporting.”

“Thanks to this partnership with BC Platforms we are able to offer our decision support tool together with a full data repository and management platform suitable for large medical centers and academic institutions”, Jussi Volanen, CEO of Euformatics, states. “Potential cost savings for healthcare system will be huge due to fast and comprehensive data collection, sample management, genomic data analysis, interpretation and visualization platform.”

The integrated solution was introduced at the ASHG 2014 Annual Meeting (American Society of Human Genetics) in San Diego, CA on October 19th. “We will launch the clinical genetic solution to our existing clients and new customers in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia in Q4 2014 (onwards)”, tells Mikael Muittari, VP of Sales and Marketing of BC Platforms.

About Euformatics
Euformatics is a Finnish SME, expert in genome interpretation and quality systems. We provide transparent, easy-to-use and flexible tools based on peer-reviewed open source software. Our award-winning software omnomicsNGS supports interpretation of the genetic basis of human diseases and drug response. We help medical doctors and molecular genetics laboratories in providing better precision medicine.