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Solution Architecture

Empowering Collaboration. Ensuring Security. Driving Insights

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Enterprise ready for the secure data environment challenges that define the RWD space

For all of our implementations, we provide a Solution Architecture that combines the best of our 25+ year healthcare and life science product expertise with real world implementation experience across the world.

Global Implementation Experience

Due to extensive global customer and experience base, we have been able to build solution architecture which adjust to customer use cases and local requirements flexibly. We provide comprehensive solutions for organizations which are keen to accelerate utilization of clinical data in research to clinical biobanks which need to have integrated system for managing participants, bio specimens, and data. With our global delivery organization, we can tailor the proposed solution to meet local requirements and deploy it in accordance with local regulatory standards, whether the infrastructure is cloud-based or on-premise.

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Experience for multiple live secure environment installations

For researchers to use our standard analytical tools, as well as bring their own analytical tools (via Docker/Container image)

Host any phenotypic, -omic and image data while also enabling management of their own operational processes, such as Sample Management, Study Participant registration, and consent management

Features and a wealth of data compliance audits completed for industry and data controllers

Our approach is flexible, ensuring the ideal balance between the needs of the RWD researcher and the demands of the data controller, including their data governance protocols and ethics approvals, for any given study.

Secure Data Environment

Our Secure Data Environment is an offering to both the healthcare industry and the pharmaceutical industry. We enable the healthcare industry to setup and manage their own secure environments and interact directly with the industry. Alternatively, BC Platforms can host the Secure Environment and act as a broker between healthcare and the industry. In each case, the following features are supported:



Allow an internal or external researcher to submit queries and explore their cohort of interest without access to the row level data. This is achieved via our BC|RQUEST federated query technology.



Allow a researcher to submit a request for access to the row level data in the context of their defined study protocol. This request can be integrated into the data controller’s approval workflow system, with requests initiated through the BC|REQUEST technology.


Researchers enter an Airlock and are then permitted to analyze the row level data using the BC|INSIGHT and workspaces technology. The BC|INSIGHT environment can be hosted either by the data controller or by BC Platforms.

Secure Environments

Our Federated Secure Environment solution architecture is a variant of the Secure Environment solution architecture detailed above. We use this form of Secure Environment when the data controller does not allow the data to leave their site or national boundaries. In these cases, the “RECEIVE” step mentioned above is enabled in a purely federated mode.

Our Embassy Secure Environment solution architecture is a variant of the Secure Data Environment solution architecture detailed above. We use this form of Secure Data Environment when the industry researcher wants to combine their own clinical trial data with that of the data controller in a centralized BC|INSIGHT environment.

Data privacy & Security

With BC Platforms’ solution architecture, your software and data interaction revolves around ensuring the highest level of security and compliance.

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