BC Platforms Delivers Clinical Genomics Data Management Platform for Helsinki University Hospital, the Largest Public Healthcare Provider in Northern Europe

BC Platforms, a world leader in genomic data management and analytics today announced it is launching its world leading genomics platform for HUS, the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa and the largest Healthcare service provider in the whole Nordics region.

BC Platforms will be providing its customizable end-to-end Software-as-a-Service platform to provide actionable reports to enable HUS to offer the best therapeutic options for their patients based on their genomic profile.

HUS has been a leader in adopting Precision Medicine and recently accelerated their capabilities with an investment in Illumina’s next generation sequencing (NGS) infrastructure in 2017.  The ability to match therapeutic recommendations based on a patient’s genomic profile will result in HUS being the first hospital in Northern Europe to deploy these capabilities on a wide scale.

Advances in technology and the decreasing costs of NGS have facilitated the rapid implementation of genomic sequencing in diagnostics, clinical research and development. The rapid pace of adoption has also created challenges for all stakeholders in clinical genomic sequencing, including the assistance of outside third-party vendors to handle the large data workloads, resulting in calls for standardizing variant interpretation approaches in clinical molecular laboratories, to ensuring that non-genetically trained clinicians are prepared to interpret new types of clinical information for their patients. Clinical genomics is rapidly evolving as this new data enables advances in clinical innovation and complex implementation questions are resolved.

Mikko Rotonen, Development Director at HUS, commented, “The ability to incorporate genomics into our research and clinical workflows to deliver more effective, precise and economical care for our patients seemed to be a daunting task to undertake. With the possibility of multiple partners and large amounts of data to be processed and analyzed, we need to have confidence in a partner to deliver a customized end to end solution that is flexible enough to incorporate existing and new pipeline technologies, with quality assurance and data security measures in place, on a scalable, easy to use, manageable platform.”

Tero Silvola, CEO of BC Platforms, said, “HUS are at the forefront of offering the best quality care and services for their patients. Incorporating our customizable end-to-end Software-as-a-Service platform will enable HUS physicians and staff to become more efficient and confident in offering the best therapeutic options for their patients.”

About Helsinki University Hospital
HUS, the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa and University Hospital Helsinki, is a Joint Authority formed by 24 municipalities. The aim is to offer patients in all member municipalities a timely and equal access to specialized medical care.

Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) and the University of Helsinki form together the Academic Medical Center Helsinki (AMCH).  This cooperation brings together top research, teaching, and medical care every day. Most of HUS’s over 2000 doctors and a growing amount of other health and social care professionals are active in clinical research.  HUS Laboratories is their sub-unit producing about 25 million laboratory results annually.  HUS hospitals employ over 22,000 professionals making it the biggest Healthcare service provider in whole Nordics