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2024 Health Care Community Convention

2024 Health Care Community Convention
Event Date:
March 5, 2024 - 9:00 AM ET
Virtual Event
Presenter Name:
Ben Jackson - EVP, North American Sales at BC Platforms

This virtual event was open to the global health care community covering topics such as:  

  • Innovation and advancements across health care providers, payers and public health agencies
  • Establishing an analytics ecosystem to support operations and efficiencies
  • Using AI and generative AI in health care
  • Health care analytics in the cloud
  • SAS® health care product portfolio, roadmap and vision, including updates on SAS Health. 

Benjamin Jackson, EVP, North American Sales, presented at SAS’s 2024 Health Care Community Connection on “Market Movements to Secure Data Environments, a Pathway to Secure Research” on March 5.

Read more about the 2024 Health Care Community Convention here: