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AWS Healthcare & Life Sciences Day

AWS Healthcare & Life Sciences Day
Event Date:
May 23, 2024 - 8:30 AM CET
Zurich, Switzerland
Presenter Name:
Mikaela Bruhammar, Interim CEO
BC Platforms Attendees:
Alex Ide, EVP

Mikaela Bruhammar, Interim CEO, will be speaking at the upcoming AWS Healthcare & Life Sciences Day during the AWS for Industries Week in Zurich!

About Mikaela’s Session:
Topic: Secure Data Environments in Healthcare
Date: Thursday, May 23
Time: 15:35 CET

Mikaela will dive deep into how BC Platforms, a leader in Health Tech for over 25 years, enables seamless and secure data environments for #clinical, #genomic, and #ImagingData. Learn how our solutions empower researchers and analysts to:

🔷 Conduct feasibility analysis across datasets
🔷 Request access to specific cohorts for defined purposes
🔷 Utilize their preferred analytics packages within a secure environment

Register here:! 🌟