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Basel Healthtech Conference 2024

Basel Healthtech Conference 2024
Event Date:
January 25, 2024 - 8:45 AM CET
Basel, Switzerland
Presenter Name:
Tero Silvola, CEO at BC Platforms

A two-day conference full of healthtech innovation, networking and inspiration, offering: 

  • Access to top-notch content & cutting-edge research
  • Opportunity to discover the healthtech solutions that solve the greatest challenges & improve lives for the better
  • Engagement opportunities with the most influential speakers in healthcare innovation
  • Networking possibility with leading healthcare transformers and key opinion leaders
  • Experience of first-hand the one-of-a-kind Basel ecosystem. 
  • Our CEO, Tero Silvola, spoke at the Basel Healthtech Conference on January 26th on a panel discussion titled “Hospital Panel: Data Liquidity and Data Openness in an Ecosystem”.

Tero spoke on:
– Advocating for the #HealthDataEcosystem
– Promoting the EU as a leader in empowering decisions through data
– Championing the possibilities of the European market & highlight how pharma companies can benefit from #RealWorldData access enabled by #DataPartnerships / Global #DataPartnerNetwork and provided by software providers such as BC Platforms
– Encouraging further partnerships based on #federated #analytics solutions enabling hospitals and research institutions to share real-world insights without compromising #PatientPrivacy

More information about the Basel Healthtech Conference here: