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World Orphan Drug Congress 2024

World Orphan Drug Congress 2024
Event Date:
April 23, 2024 - 12:00 PM ET
Boston, MA
BC Platforms Attendees:
Ben Jackson, EVP North American Sales

Join Ben Jackson, EVP North American Sales, in Boston from April 23-25 at the upcoming World Orphan Drug Congress – an event focused on advancing orphan drug development and enhancing access to life-saving therapies.

At BC Platforms, our commitment to rare diseases is driven by an understanding of the challenges and needs within this field. Through innovative use of Real-World Data (RWD), we deliver actionable intelligence from data that enhances clinical evidence and facilitates more precise treatments. The focus is on reducing patient burden while providing clearer insights into disease pathways and treatment outcomes.

Discover more about our work by downloading our latest factsheet: Rare Disease and Integrated Real-World Data Factsheet

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