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We offer you a modular collaborative platform enabling cutting edge research from data production to analytics and secure data sharing.

Why BC Platforms?

  • Knowledge and technology to harmonize disparate data types & sources to global standards
  • Broad offering for research initiatives enabling actionable health research insights from big data at scale
  • A unique and efficient research environment for secure, global collaboration
  • 25+ years experience working with leading researchers and healthcare professionals enables us to handle and integrate genomic & other data sources at scale, producing analysis ready data
  • Robust history providing unrivaled technology solutions to support novel research, with established and ISO certified quality standards
  • Deeply embedded in the ecosystem: strategic partnerships with market leaders such as IQVIA, Google Cloud, MS Azure, Illumina and more
  • Modular approach allows tailored solutions supporting the connection of research insights and clinical care in an infinite loop
  • High efficiency and scalability enabled through secure, automated workflows for handling complex data across systems
  • Enhanced interoperability with a suite of seamlessly integratable modules for a tailored deployment

Our Products

  • Discovery & Research Platform Powered by BC | INSIGHT

Harmonisation & Integration
  • Combined molecular data types and clinical data in the same platform
  • Automation of incoming data curation and harmonizatiom
Data Management
  • Scalable, integrated genomic, multi-omic, and clinical data management
  • Audit trail of data changes, chain of custody, user permissions, and system events compatible with regulatory requirements
Discovery and Analytics
  • Tools for cohort identification and annotation of data
  • Novel genomic tiling solution for up to 80% lossless data compression
  • Automated analytics generate summary visualizations to highlight unique data patterns
Collaboration and Insight Translation
  • Platform provides ideal environment for collaboration in a highly secure environment
  • Opportunity for users to store and share data, references, and analysis results in one platform​
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    BC | RQUEST Technology for Data Sharing & Collaboration

BC|RQUEST enables availability queries and aggregated analysis on biobank or internal data collections through a simple web interface.
Key Benefits:
  • Clear overview of datasets and user-friendly navigation supporting deep level data organization and investigation
  • Faster pattern identification in large datasets through cohort creation, filtering and sub-setting tools
  • Accelerated insights with easy analysis building based on defined subject groups or diseases
  • Collaborative environment for efficient research coordination with tools to request, assign and segment specific projects
  • Secure access to sensitive data enabled with extensive audit and trail and permission control
  • Modern Biobanking Platform

Single solution for managing an end-to-end biobank process from participant consent to data and specimen releases
Participant Management
  • Manage subject information (ID codes, consent data, etc.) across a biobank
Two Types of Project Support:
  • Process management for collecting specimens and data
  • Making these samples ready for research use - standardized ID codes and integrated data
Sample Management
  • Track and manage individual samples in the system integrated with your clinical laboratory
Data Management
  • Modern UI for integrated data set creation, browsing, publication, access management, and easy analytics
Two decades of data security:

Pioneering Trusted Research Environments and Federated Data Analysis


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