Case Study

Leveraging the discovery and research platform as one source of truth with integrated healthcare and research operations

  • Unique institution with cutting edge research studies needing an accelerated connection with clinical practice and real time insights
  • Sought partner for bringing data through an integrated research platform enabling research on AI and ML and more to run on top
  • Need tailored approach to support pioneering thinking at a leading organization to create a single environment for innovation, discovery and collaboration
  • Data across studies stored in varying formats from different sources: genetic data (NGS, RNA, MICROBIOME, Epigentic) as well as clinical data, omics data and more
  • No foundation for harmonizing the different research projects conducted and data silo’d across different locations
  • Difficult to query, draw conclusions from, or perform comparisons between datasets and no way to interpret insights relevant to disease-specific situations
  • Implemented a single source of truth data warehouse with analytical and data management capacity, managing >50 clinical data types
  • Capabilities applied for handling RNA Seq, Epigentics, NGS, Array data and processes
  • Open analytics ecosystem for optimal flexibility: R-studio, Jupyter Notebook, etc.
  • Real-time insights made available through interactive analytic results and data visualization
  • Automated pipelines configured for rapid clinical data extraction and analysis

Case picture of a single source of truth data warehouse with analytical and data management capacity



  • BC Platforms’ multi-faceted system was broadly adapted in the organization to accelerate the translation of research discoveries into clinical practice
  • Integrated platform helped bring the organization to a new level of success as a research driven, evidence-based institution at the cutting edge of personalized medicine
  • Able to quickly coordinate difficult, multi-process clinical cases, such as examining COVID-19 effects, in a single platform
  • Harmonized real time data model, refining datasets with new evidence and enabling virtual ward rounds to optimize resource allocation