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Abomics and BC Platforms launch new Pharmacogenetics solution to healthcare customers

Abomics and BC Platforms launch new Pharmacogenetics solution to healthcare customers

BC Platforms, a world leader in genomic data management and analytics, today announces that it has signed a co-operation agreement with Abomics to promote a novel pharmacogenetics technology to Healthcare and Life Science customers globally. Both companies work in the front line of genomics data and will provide a premium, integrated solution to healthcare providers globally.

Incoming data will be processed by BC Platforms’ high performing genomic data management platform and the pharmacogenetic status will be interpreted by Abomics’ machine learning PGx interpretation service. This service will enable clinical practitioners to have more confidence in providing treatment recommendations while reducing the chance of adverse effects experienced by their patients.

“This co-operation will provide us with a wonderful opportunity. BC Platforms already operates as a Precision Medicine Platform in 20 countries.” Commented Jari Forsström, the CEO and co-founder of Abomics.

“We are noticing that more of our customers are supporting the use of pharmacogenomics in every day healthcare practice as well as in drug development and surveillance. I believe this increase in demand is being driven by technological advancements in handing and processing complex genomic data. This is one of the core functionalities our platform has to be able to offer.” Explained Tero Silvola, the CEO of BC Platforms.

About Abomics
Abomics Ltd is a company that specializes in translating genomics research into clinical practice and provides new approaches to personalized medicine. We leverage the knowledge acquired from human genome in order to increase the safety and efficacy of medical treatments and medication. Processing and interpreting genetic test results is highly knowledge-intensive work that requires a highly specialized skill set. Abomics provides solutions to help organizations tackle the challenges of applied genomic.
Abomics was founded in 2013 in Turku, Finland by two medical doctors Jari Forsström and Klaus Elenius. Personalized medicine has become a reality, and with genetic information the use of medicine becomes safer and more efficient. Abomics is a leading pioneer company of pharmacogenetics in Europe. The company offers comprehensive solutions to healthcare professionals, organizations and consumers.