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BC Platforms and Kaiser Permanente Win 2020 Microsoft Health Innovation Award for Precision Medicine Collaboration

BC Platforms and Kaiser Permanente Win 2020 Microsoft Health Innovation Award for Precision Medicine Collaboration

BC Platforms and Kaiser Permanente today announced they are winners of the 2020 Microsoft Health Innovation Award in the Reimagine Health Category for enabling a unique way of pairing clinical and genomic data on the same platform to advance precision medicine capabilities.

BC Platforms and Kaiser Permanente collaborated using Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform to safely and securely integrate data from multiple research centers into a single virtual biobank framework.

The awards recognize health organizations and their technology solution partners for using Microsoft’s technology solutions in innovative ways that help enable personalized care, empower care teams, improve operational outcomes, protect health information, and ultimately reimagine healthcare. The 2020 winners are impacting the industry by creating breakthrough solutions that empower health and life sciences organizations, while meeting global, local and industry-specific compliance and security standards.

Tero Silvola, CEO of BC Platforms, said, “We are delighted to have been recognized for this prestigious Microsoft Innovation Award in collaboration with Kaiser Permanente.  Together we are striving to leverage precision medicine in order to shape the future of healthcare.”

“During this both challenging and transformational time in the healthcare industry, organizations are using technology to profoundly impact how they deliver care, evolve business operations, and help people,” said Patty Obermaier, Microsoft Vice President of U.S. Health and Life Sciences. “This year’s Microsoft Health Innovation Award recipients are advancing the goals of improved patient engagement and care coordination through their innovative use of Microsoft devices, platforms and cloud and AI services.”

Nominations were submitted by health providers, payers, pharmaceutical and life science organizations, and public and private health institutions across the world for applying Microsoft technology to create transformative and highly-effective innovations. An esteemed panel of industry experts selected this year’s winners based on how their innovations represented a forward-thinking development or implementation of a solution that is delivering groundbreaking results and producing better health outcomes for more people. Recipients will be highlighted on the Microsoft in Health blog at