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BC Platforms Appoints Kaj Työppönen as CFO to Lead Finance and Strategy

BC Platforms Appoints Kaj Työppönen as CFO to Lead Finance and Strategy

BC Platforms (BCP), a world leader in providing powerful genomic data management and analysis solutions, today announced the appointment of Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Kaj Työppönen to its Management Team at its Zürich headquarters. Mr. Työppönen, who has extensive experience and networks in Healthcare and Life Science, will work closely with the company’s established management team, to lead finance, corporate strategy and development functions.

BC Platforms’ global strategy includes a strong Precision Medicine focus both in healthcare delivery, as well as Life Science research. Genomics is becoming a mainstream solution for improved clinical decision-making as well as a key data element in Pharmaceutical research work. In parallel, BC Platforms’ objective is to provide the genomic IT infrastructure to build access to the real world data combined with genomics. Mr. Työppönen will have an important role in the enablement of BCP´s strategy, strategic finance, M&A and building strategic value for BCP´s shareholders and investors in the next phase of our growth.

Mr Työppönen´s career advancements have been tightly connected with strategy consulting, healthcare, digital health and fast-growth businesses. Most recently, Mr. Työppönen was leading a strategy consultancy founded by him working with industry leading clients. Previously, he served as a territory healthcare leader for EY and PwC Advisory businesses. Kaj’s broad experience includes working at the World Economic Forum leading a global hypergrowth company program and running one of the largest private-public growth finance programs in Northern Europe. His consulting references include industry, corporate, growth and transformation strategies for leading companies and organizations.

Tero Silvola, CEO of BC Platforms, commented: “We are delighted to welcome Mr. Työppönen to the team. His broad experience as an industry leader and expertise with fast-growth companies is an asset to us globally. Mr. Työppönen is an executive with proven experience in finance and strategy, but also as an entrepreneur and health industry strategy consultant. He will bring extensive experience and renewed thinking to our next growth phase”.