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BC Platforms partners with Dante Labs to build Europe’s largest Next Generation Sequencing laboratory for private and public customers

BC Platforms partners with Dante Labs to build Europe’s largest Next Generation Sequencing laboratory for private and public customers

BC Platforms, a world leader in genomic data management and analytics, today announced that it has formed a partnership with Dante Labs, a global genetic testing and data analysis company specialized in whole genome sequencing and interpretation intended both for Direct To Consumers and larger scale Life Science industry projects. With the steps taken, Dante Labs aims to become Europe’s largest private NGS laboratory.

BC Platforms will provide its platform to automate and streamline Dante Labs’ whole genome sequencing throughput processes as well as integrating Dante Labs’ existing Illumina’s systems and supporting functional reporting of data. BC Platforms’ workflows provide a high degree of automation and interoperability, enabling Dante Labs to focus on adding further value to their customers programmes.

BC Platforms’ solutions have been developed using an ISO certified Quality management system and adhere to HIPAA and GDPR. BC Platforms’ core product is CE Marked as a Medical Device which enables Dante Labs to offer certified and accredited services to its customers while still having a high degree of flexibility to create various workflows and integrate bespoke reports.

CEO of Dante Labs, Andrea Riposati, commented; “We are delighted to kick off the new year with this important collaboration with BC Platforms that will support us in automating our next generation sequencing workflows and reporting for our users. This partnership enables us to spend more time adding strategic value to our user programs and build on our new initiatives.’

Nino da Silva, EVP EMEA-APAC, commented; “We are pleased to be chosen to support Dante Labs in providing automated and streamlined processes for the production and reporting of their WGS data. We also look forward to further expand our collaboration over time, enabling both organisations to develop technology and services which will serve the customers of Dante Labs in the future.”

About Dante Labs

Dante Labs’ mission is to make the most advanced genomic tests accessible to everyone. To-date, it has customers in more than 80 countries who have personally experienced the power of the whole genome. Its global whole genome sequencing platform enables individuals to access actionable insights on their predispositions, reaction to medications and personalised medicine everywhere in the world. To learn more or to purchase a Dante Labs whole genome sequencing test, please visit and follow @DanteLabs.