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BC Platforms Partners with leading European Genomics Service Provider Center Life & Brain to Expand Genotyping Services Across Europe

BC Platforms Partners with leading European Genomics Service Provider Center Life & Brain to Expand Genotyping Services Across Europe

BC Platforms, a world leader in genomic data management and analytics, today announced that it has formed a partnership with Life &Brain Genomics, a division of Life & Brain GmbH. Life & Brain Genomics is one of the leading European service providers for array-based omics analyses, supporting its customers from academia, industry and the healthcare sector with innovative products and scientific expertise from project planning to data analysis. The partnership will leverage BC Platforms’ high performing solutions to securely integrate and analyse genetic array data to support Life & Brain’s Genomics customer offerings.

BC Platforms will use a combination of its solutions, including BC|GENOME, BC|PIPE and BC|SAMPLE to streamline Life & Brain’s genetic array data input whilst ensuring quality control and sample management. This system will accelerate data delivery through process automation and interoperability. All of BC Platforms’ modules are interoperable, designed to be integrated with other IT systems and instruments such as Illumina iScan, allowing our customers to spend more time on analysis and thereby increase turnaround.

Prof Markus Nöthen, CEO of Life & Brain, commented; “We are delighted to be working with BC Platforms, a leader in genomic data management and analytics, who in our opinion have the best bioinformatics pipeline for automated genotyping workflows. This partnership helps us to meet increased demand from our European customers that require our services for data production with high quality and timely delivery. BC Platforms’ solution allows us to spend more time on revenue generating tasks to the benefit of our customers and their patients.”

Nino da Silva, EVP EMEA-APAC, commented; “We are pleased to be selected to support Life & Brain Genomics by providing automated and streamlined processes for the production of their data. Life & Brain is one of the leading service providers in the whole of Europe and we look forward to supporting them with their genotyping services and also in supporting them to expand into new services in this field.”

About Life & Brain GmbH

Closing the gap between university research and business – this is the rationale behind the biomedical and neuroscientific technology platform LIFE & BRAIN. In academia, translational developments frequently get stuck at an early stage because insufficient know-how and lack of financial resources prevent the development of a proof of concept required for further downstream commercialization and market entry.

As a Bonn-based company specializing in translational university medicine, LIFE & BRAIN acts as a ‘revolving door’ between academic research and industry. Innovative research findings are recognized early and developed further into marketable biomedical products and services.

Our expertise in the fields of genome research, stem cell technology, transgenic modelling and neurocognition creates the perfect environment for designing future-oriented services and products for disease-related research and the development of novel therapies.
LIFE & BRAIN Genomics is a leading European genomics service provider. We are specialized on Illumina (SNP genotyping and methylation analysis) array technology as well as PacBio single-molecule long-read sequencing. LIFE & BRAIN offers the complete workflow from Logistics and nucleic acid extraction down to bioinformatic analysis from a single source. With a strong scientific background in research on genetically complex disorders and an intense link to the Institute of Human Genetics, Life & Brain also offers complete project management for genomic projects.