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BC Platforms to Provide Big Data Driven Research Solutions to Amgen in Cardiovascular Diseases and Oncology

BC Platforms to Provide Big Data Driven Research Solutions to Amgen in Cardiovascular Diseases and Oncology

BC Platforms, a world leader in genomic data management and analysis solutions, today announces that Amgen Finland will be using its technology solutions and research platform, including BCRQUEST.COM, to study data in cardiovascular and bone diseases, hematological malignancies and other regions of oncology. The BCRQUEST.COM service will be used to generate real-world evidence for finding and studying these patient groups based on combined clinical and genetic data. The service will also be used to perform real-time feasibility analyses for clinical trial recruitment and other data-driven studies. Microsoft will provide the cloud infrastructure for indexing and accessing the information globally through the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

This program is currently focused on the data in Finland with the objective to expand the collaboration during 2018 to cover other disease areas and data. Finland is one of the leading countries that have been able to establish a country strategy for both genomics and clinical data use, not only in clinical decision making, but in commercial research which is supported by favorable legislation.

BC Platforms launched and opened a global network of biobanks with Microsoft to provide genomic and clinical cohort data for pharmaceutical and medical research and development. BC Platforms’ vision is to build the world’s leading analytics platform for healthcare and industry by 2020, providing access to diverse genomic and clinical data and samples from more than 5 million subjects consolidated from a global network of biobanks.

Niilo Färkkilä, Country Director at Amgen commented, “We believe that combining Amgen’s expertise in treatment solutions for severe diseases with BC Platforms’ advanced cloud and genomic data management and analytic capabilities, we can gather important real world evidence of the efficacy of novel treatments in actual patient populations. Our goal is to help healthcare professionals recognize patients that will truly benefit from these treatments. BCRQUEST.COM database will also help us in assessing the feasibility of Finnish patients for clinical trials.”

Samu Kurki, Lead Data Scientist at BC Platforms, commented; “We are delighted Amgen has selected our big data driven research solutions to support a real world evidence approach to targeting cardiovascular disease and oncology. Amgen is truly a globally leading company to unlock the potential of biology for patients suffering from serious illnesses. They are also one of the most prominent companies using intelligent tools within human genetics to unravel the complexities of disease and understand the fundamentals of human biology.”