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We help reduce your risk, enhance your pipeline value and advance your enterprise data strategy by solving the barriers of data access and enabling rapid insight generation.

Our Data & Research Solutions

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  • Discovery & Research Platform Powered by BC | INSIGHT from Discovery to Launch

Harmonisation & Integration
  • Integration of molecular data types with clinical data in the same platform
  • Automation of incoming data curation, metadata capture, and harmonization
  • Merged database of multiple studies, harmonised to the same standardized data model
Data Management
  • Scalable genomic, multi-omic, and clinical data management from different sources
  • Audit trail of data changes, chain of custody, user permissions, and system events compatible with regulatory requirements
Discovery and Analytics
  • Cohort finding and annotation of data using customer ontologies
  • Novel genomic tiling solution for up to 80% lossless data compression
  • Automated analytics generate summary visualizations to highlight unique data patterns
Collaboration and Insight Translation
  • Platform provides ideal environment for collaboration with Pharma and other 3rd parties in a highly secure environment
  • Opportunity for users to store and share data, references, and analysis results in one platform
  • Novel Data Investments

Exclusive Genomic Datasets

We collaborate with leading healthcare systems worldwide and we have the possibility to create novel, exclusive genomic datasets in record time

Genetic Data Production

With our system, gain exclusive access to genetic data production for your data investments which contain clinical data

Discover New Data

Discover new data across therapeutic areas

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    Data Partner Network

We are focused on enhancing the insights to your research questions
Our Expertise:
  • Knowledge and technology to harmonize disparate data types & sources to global standards
  • 20+ years experience enables us to handle and integrate genomic & other data sources at scale, producing analysis ready data
Our Infrastructure:
  • Globally diverse unique clinical & genomic Data Partner Network with >3.4M high quality consented patient data
Our Resources
  • Data sourcing, ingestion, standardization to be analysis ready
  • Curate the data of cutting edge global data consortia on behalf of leading drug developers with the scientific expertise to develop tailored solutions
  • Actively support local data security & privacy compliance requirements: ISO certified & GDPR compliant
  • Data Partner relationship management for easy collaboration

Why BC Platforms?

Increase your speed and reduce risk from Discovery through Launch by enabling an enterprise genomic data strategy with BC Platforms

  • The only organization capable of offering a globally integrated enterprise clinical and genomic data solution
  • We pioneered the linkage of genomic and phenotypic biobank data (Lander, et. al 1994-97), and have over 20 years of global experience in the field
  • We have a robust, interoperable software platform of fully validated, open modules to power the secure sharing and analytics of phenotypic, genomic, wearable and other “omics” data at scale
  • We have a unique and diverse Global Data Partner Network of >3 million clinical data and >300,000 clinical + genomic data subjects
  • We harmonize and curate the data of cutting edge global data consortia on behalf of leading drug developers and have the scientific expertise to develop tailored solutions
  • We adhere to the highest global standards of data privacy and security (GDPR, HIPAA, ISO certifications 13485- Medical device R&D and production and 27001- Data security)
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