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AcceleRating the Translation of virtual twins towards a pErsonalized Management of fatty lIver patients

ARTEMIs is a four-year research project, aiming to co-design and develop a POC of a Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS)— a cutting-edge clinical visualization tool— offering an overview of patient multimodal data and therapeutic decision-aid, thanks to the integrated virtual twin models. The CDSS provides dynamic and multilevel representations of tissues and organs and will provide support to clinicians to achieve early diagnosis, prediction of disease evolution, assessment of cardiovascular outcomes, and guidance towards specific treatments or interventions. This will mark a significant leap forward in MAFLD patient’s healthcare

Medexprim, member of BC Platforms Group, is the architect and a proud participant of ARTEMIs.

This project has received funding from the European Union within the Horizon Europe program under grant agreement N° 101136299.

Learn more about ARTEMIs.