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Case Studies: Contributing to Global Healthcare Projects for the Advancement of Precision Medicine and Groundbreaking Research

Case Studies: Contributing  to Global Healthcare Projects for the Advancement of Precision Medicine and Groundbreaking Research

BC Platforms has been making significant contributions to global healthcare projects, accelerating the field of precision medicine. By partnering with esteemed organizations and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, BC Platforms is at the forefront of key initiatives worldwide. We want to present several of our projects to showcase our esteemed customers and BC Platforms’ capabilities for the betterment of patients across the world.

We would like to introduce a few of our initiatives across the globe:

BC Platforms Case Study - HELIOS

HELIOS – Improving health outcomes in Singapore

One notable collaboration is BC Platforms’ partnership with the Health for Life in Singapore (HELIOS) study, which forms part of the SG100K data set for Singapore’s National Precision Medicine programme. Selected as a key partner, BC Platforms is working to deliver this groundbreaking population health study aimed at advancing personalized healthcare in Singapore. The HELIOS study seeks to uncover the genetic underpinnings of common diseases prevalent in the Singaporean population, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and certain cancers. By leveraging BC Platforms’ genomic data management and analysis solutions, the study aims to identify key genetic variants and biomarkers associated with these diseases. This knowledge will facilitate the development of targeted interventions, early detection methods, and personalized treatment strategies, ultimately improving health outcomes for individuals in Singapore and serving as a blueprint for precision medicine initiatives globally. BC Platforms’ involvement in the HELIOS study highlights expertise in handling large-scale genomic data and in facilitating trusted research environments.

BC Platforms Case Study - FinnGen

FinnGen – An expedition to the frontier of genomics and medicine

Another remarkable undertaking by BC Platforms is its involvement in FinnGen, which has grown to become one of the largest private-public genome studies in the world. FinnGen aims to enhance our understanding of diseases, and their underlying genetic causes by analyzing data from over 500,000 Finnish individuals. The FinnGen project focuses on a wide range of diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, cancers, neurological disorders, and autoimmune conditions. The study launched in 2017 is a broad academic-industrial collaboration between Finnish biobanks and their respective universities, university hospitals, the Institute of Health and Welfare, the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service and 11 international pharmaceutical companies. BC Platforms plays a vital role in this project by providing the infrastructure and expertise necessary for securely managing and analyzing the vast amounts of genomic data -involved. Through this collaboration, BC Platforms is paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in precision medicine on a global scale.

BC Platforms Case Study - iDx Lung

iDx LUNG – Improving detection of lung cancer

Recognizing the urgent need for improved detection and treatment of lung cancer, BC Platforms has also delivered a state-of-the-art data platform for a UK research consortium project termed iDx-LUNG. The consortium is led by the Universities of Southampton and Leeds, together with healthcare, diagnostics and informatics companies, to test the best way of detecting cancers at a stage when they can still be cured, linking to the NHS England Lung Health Checks programme. In addition to BC Platforms, the research collaborators include Johnson & Johnson, Roche, Oncimmune, Inivata and others. BC Platforms’ technology enables the consortium to leverage advanced analytics and artificial intelligence algorithms to enhance lung cancer detection. By aggregating and analyzing diverse datasets, including genomic information, imaging data, and clinical records, BC Platforms empowers researchers to identify potential biomarkers and develop innovative strategies for early diagnosis and personalized treatment.

The iDx Lung Collaboration, won the ‘Further, Faster, Together’ Award for industry-academia collaboration at the Cancer Research Horizons Innovation and Entrepreneurship Awards 2022.

BC Platforms Case Study - Oncovalue

ONCOVALUE – Value-based oncology care

Furthermore, BC Platforms has partnered with an EU-funded, AI-driven cancer data initiative ONCOVALUE. This collaborative effort aims to develop novel AI-based tools to automate the collection and analytics of clinical data, assessing in real-time, real-life effectiveness of novel cancer therapies. This will support the development of effective medicines, reduce spending on drugs that yield little benefit and enable oncologists to promote value-based cancer care. BC Platforms will assist in developing an advanced data infrastructure capable of securely integrating, harmonizing and analyzing large-scale cancer datasets from across Europe, and transforming unstructured patient data into structured data and real world evidence that clinicians can use.

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BC Platforms Case Study - CO-CONNECT

CO-CONNECT – Acceleration of COVID-19 research

By joining forces with CO-CONNECT, a UK consortium of leading academic institutions, research organizations, and industry partners, BC Platforms was actively engaged in advancing the development of diagnostics, therapies, and prevention strategies for COVID-19. CO-CONNECT was established to help researchers find, access and analyze COVID-19 data at pace. By leveraging its technology, BC Platforms’ brought together UK’s data assets, held by different organizations in a fragmented landscape, into an accessible and harmonized dataset, and enabled researchers to inform the pandemic response at pace.

We believe that, by highlighting these key efforts, our customers can strive for groundbreaking research insights and the advancement of precision medicine to meet patients’ unmet needs. Through our collaboration with global initiatives, we can showcase our expertise in genomic data management, analysis, and collaboration with leading organizations and initiatives. By leveraging cutting-edge solutions and a comprehensive platform, we are driving innovation, enabling researchers and healthcare providers to unlock the potential of real-world data and improve patient outcomes on a global scale.

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