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Enabling Precision Medicine Discoveries with Real-World Data Science

Enabling Precision Medicine Discoveries with Real-World Data Science

As the leading real-world data (RWD) science company, BC Platforms is committed to accelerating insights and innovation for precision medicine. We provide secure and compliant access to integrated clinical, omics, and imaging data through our trusted research platform. With our advanced analytics capabilities, we empower our biopharma and healthcare partners to unlock insights from real-world data that inform precision medicine and improve patient outcomes.


The application of real-world data science is becoming increasingly important for precision medicine. A 2022 study found that integrating real-world genomic and electronic health record data enabled more comprehensive patient phenotyping and identification of predictive biomarkers for diseases like cancer [1]. Another analysis showed how real-world evidence could help validate the clinical utility of emerging liquid biopsy tests for precision oncology [2]. 


Post-launch evidence generation (PLEG) will also play a critical role in advancing precision medicine. After regulatory approval, continued real-world data collection and analysis can provide further validation of clinical utility, characterize safety in broader patient populations, and uncover new indications or biomarkers. Our extensive real-world data assets and analytics expertise position BC Platforms to be a leader in generating post-launch evidence to expand the impact of precision therapeutics and diagnostics.


At BC Platforms, our scalable cloud-based platform facilitates these types of integrated genomic and healthcare data analyses while ensuring security and maintaining patient privacy. Our analytics offering transforms diverse real-world data into evidence that drives precision medicine development and commercialization.


The future of healthcare will be driven by insights from real-world data. BC Platforms is leading the way with innovative technologies and services that harness the power of RWD to deliver personalized, more precise medicine for patients. As your real-world data science partner, we look forward to collaborating to drive the next generation of precision medicine discoveries.



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