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Podcast: Episode #2 – Europe Biobank Week: Sharing experiences in partnership – A conversation on collaboration in a global network

Welcome to BC|PODCAST
From Data To Health

The BC Platforms’ podcast series, ‘From data to health’ brings together innovators representing the ecosystem of users, custodians, contributors of healthcare data. Each guest sheds light on how they advance and envision the future of health through data.

This series is hosted by Dr. Tõnu Esko, Head of Estonian Biobank Innovation Center, BC Platforms SAB chairman and Vice Director, Institute of Genomics, University of Tartu.

This podcast holds an open discussion with a few key leaders, on how to address industry challenges, and find opportunities for successful collaboration between biobanks, healthcare organizations and drug developers in a global network. This is a conversation with our Data Partners on their experience joining our global network and how it has impacted them.