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Sourcing COVID-19 Patient Data for Drug Development

Sourcing COVID-19 Patient Data for Drug Development

Does access to data on 30,000 COVID-19 patients make a difference in the race against this pandemic? It all depends on how this data is applied, especially in the research context. Through BC Platforms’ Global Data Partner Network, we provide access to this valuable, uniquely curated diverse data collection.

How can large scale COVID-19 patient data be used?

The key to developing effective treatments is knowing who to treat and what treatment course to follow. In order to gain insights into therapeutic targets, potential adverse effects, effective mechanisms of action, and any additional research questions it is crucial to include and analyse real world information gathered from the breadth of already impacted patient populations.

This data and the underlying data management solution helps researchers create and track clinical trial end points that enable rapid treatment decisions and analysis of drug efficacy. This process requires complex, multi-faceted analysis algorithms, and access to a wide range of patient information tremendously improves the quality of these analyses. For example, it is common knowledge that chest xrays help improve diagnosis, but if these images are consistently collected and standardized, they can also be used to track treatment success and disease progression.

“We can facilitate access to analysis ready data from 30,000 COVID-19 patients across different countries”

Why is diverse global data important for COVID-19 research?

For drug developers, examining global real world data from coronavirus patients is especially important as different population groups show different levels of infection (varying numbers of positive patients, different death rates, etc.). Researchers are speculating that the varying impact of the virus depends on factors such as demographic distribution. For example, the Italian region shows a higher rate of serious infections, most likely due to the higher percentage of older patients. In general, the distribution of patient populations varies geographically, and thus there are regional variations in population health trends, so it is important to look at diverse global data collections to compare/contrast comorbidities and identify factors that play a role in infection spread and drug efficacy. In summary, the same metrics can look different for each patient, so this data is complex. However, analyzing large scale, diverse datasets inherently corrects for statistical biases due to outliers and variations.

Additionally, when researching potential COVID-19 drugs, scientists need to understand in real time how different parameters affect patient populations, looking at a range of data such as what drugs have been administered, how patients were treated as a whole, and what are the outcomes. Leveraging large scale data collections arms researchers with a better understanding of study focal points such as closely analyzing mechanism efficacy and investigating how to decrease disease burden through comparing effects of different drug classes on patient survival rates and sickness duration.

Enabling rapid access to COVID-19 Real World Data

Through the data available in our Global Data Partner Network, it is possible to examine several research questions, including how to:

  • Find the right Covid-19 targets for our molecule(s)?
  • Identify the right biomarker?
  • Identify expansion targets?
  • Understand potential safety risks?
  • Validate our patient selection?
  • Identify risk factors for COVID-19 infection?

BC Platforms sees large data collections as integral in understanding and combatting COVID-19. In general, our mission focuses on leveraging data to collaboratively understand diseases and revolutionize drug development. This especially applies in the case of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has already proven to be a significant burden on healthcare systems worldwide.

Through our federated Global Data Partner Network, we provide access to critical, diverse real world clinical and genomic data for decision making. Within this Network, we can facilitate access to analysis ready data from 30,000 COVID-19 patients across different countries. We have been working with selected data partners from the Network to ensure data is complete, analysis-ready and relevant for COVID19 research needs.

Interested in taking advantage of this data? Request a demo here

BC Platforms works with a diverse range of data partners around the world, and it is our business to provide access to real world data for discovery and research purposes. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our data partners have treated many patients and collected associated medical data which they have shared with us to provide access, as it is of utmost importance for pharma companies and healthcare professionals to understand more about this pandemic.

We are leveraging our platform to provide access to this extremely valuable, analysis ready data, harmonized to  one comprehensive data model, ready to support the effort to develop effective COVID-19 treatments. We are doing our part to help make a complex, fast-evolving situation easier to manage with consistent, reliable data to accelerate the translation of insights from research into effective treatment options.

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