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Timo Kanninen

Chief Science Officer (CSO)

Chief Science Officer (CSO)

Timo Kanninen (b. 1968) is CSO and co-founder of Biocomputing Platforms Ltd Oy. He is the visionary behind BC Platforms’ data management systems. He has long-term experience in software development, genetic epidemiology, statistical genetics, and clinical statistics. Mr. Kanninen has also worked with hospital and occupational health IT systems.

Mr. Kanninen is the founder and CEO/CTO of Statwell Oy (1990‐2002). The company provided statistical consultation and developed software for data collection and statistical analyses of personnel and occupational health questionnaires. The company was merged into BC Platforms in 2002.

Mr. Kanninen studied information technology in production and statistics. He is a co-author on 16 scientific articles published in high-level journals.