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Big data

Everyone's talking about big data, but with some of the world's largest installations, we know it. Whether you have a population scale biobank, a large cohort or a collaboration project with 20 or more partners, we can help you.

High security

Dealing with personal patient data means that security is a top priority in our design. Not only can we assure the confidentiality of your protected data but our platform also meets EU’s strict health and medical data protection requirements and is HIPAA compliant.


With twenty years of history, we have seen a lot. Commitment to quality has been at the core of all our activities over the years. We know that a high customer satisfaction requires high class products and services. Quality is embedded in our genes.

"BC Platforms is an expert in understanding and advancing the science of life."

Tero Silvola, CEO

Powerful and secure data right at your fingertips

Complex workflows made easy and practical for clinicians and researchers is one of the cornerstones of our products. We bring great tools straight to your desktop. Our turn-key solutions will unlock the potential of the data in your hands.

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It's all about the science of life, described in the binary recipe of the DNA. We see beauty in all forms of life, from the intricacy of a perfectly adopted virus to the flight of a bird.

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We can transform data into knowledge and concrete value for our customers. Something that might have seemed impossible before can be achieved with our expertise.

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BC Platforms aims to be the world’s leading genomic data discovery company. We are passionate about driving advances in understanding complex genetic data.

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