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Enhance and complete your framework for personalized medicine to draw the most value and provide best quality patient care.

Why BC Platforms?

  • Complete product portfolio enabling a modern healthcare system to fully embrace personalized medicine
  • Scalable deployments enabling a robust start as well as large scale healthcare operation
  • Accelerated translation of research insights into clinical practice with our unique end to end toolbox
  • Modular approach allows tailoring the solution to complete and enhance your personalized medicine system landscape
  • Flexible infrastructure with multiple APIs available and HL7 messaging framework embedded enables seamless integrations
  • Unique data harmonization capabilities based on 20+ years of handling genomic and clinical data
  • Tailored data processing workflows for high throughput, automated production
  • Diverse data formats supported and flexible data models
  • Ability to setup and ultimately lock down SOP workflows in compliance with CLIA and other required certifications
  • Latest scientific findings embedded in our platform and available at your fingertips
  • Platform creates an ideal environment for collaborative research using real world data and genomics in a highly efficient and compliant way
  • Scalable, efficient process enables accelerated interpretation of new insights to fuel improved clinical practice
  • Faster, better quality clinically relevant findings through connectivity to multiple genomic variant databases creating one source of truth validated by your clinicians
Security and Compliance across the board:
  • GDPR
  • CE marked as an IVD
  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • Continual Data Security Audits and Assessments


  • Ingestion of test order and sample related information from clinical messaging systems
  • Capture of genetic test orders from hospital EHR
  • Flexible and configurable platform with multiple standard integration points available (EHR, LIMS, consumer portal)
Sample & Consent Processing
  • Collection and processing of samples in lab (DNA extraction, raw data production, etc.)
  • Collection and management of patient consent
  • Interoperability with customer portal for updated information
  • Highly secure environment with user management integration and access control
Data Processing & QC
  • Configure, version and run automated, repeatable, and fully audit trailed pipelines
  • Build and edit high-throughput workflows
  • Fully automate quality checking and approval tracking using defined lab SOPs
  • Produce analysis and interpretation ready, automatically annotated data
  • Guideline based variant interpretation and detailed reporting (ACMG, ASCO)
  • Automated data import and annotation with access to latest reporting and annotation services
  • Comprehensive decision support in the analysis of sequencing data
  • Interpretation of germline or somatic genome information into actionable clinical intelligence
Harmonisation & Integration
  • Integration of molecular data types with clinical data in the same platform
  • Harmonised and standardised data hub for long-term projects
  • Novel BC|MATCH tool for incoming data curation, metadata capture, and harmonization
  • Automation enabled for receiving, ingesting and curating data
  • Merged database of multiple studies, harmonised to the same standardized data model
Data Management
  • Scalable genomic, multi-omic, and clinical data management from different sources
  • Audit trail of data changes, chain of custody, user permissions, and system events compatible with regulatory requirements
  • Cutting edge data curation tools leveraging pattern recognition technology
  • Open API for easy plug in of preferred analytical tools
Data Discovery & Analysis
  • Cohort finding and annotation of data using customer ontologies
  • Scalable analysis of genomic, -omics and phenotypic information
  • Novel genomic tiling solution for up to 80% lossless data compression
  • Automated analytics generate summary visualizations to highlight unique data patterns
  • 20+ inbuilt peer-reviewed tools for analysis with ability to integrate more
Collaboration & Insight Translation
  • Platform provides ideal environment for collaboration with Pharma and other 3rd parties in a highly secure environment
  • Insight generation with ability to inform personalized medicine strategy and improve patient care
  • Opportunity for users to store and share data, references, and analysis results in one platform
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Enhance and complete your personalized medicine framework


Global Data Partnership

Join us on our Mission to Revolutionize Drug Development and Personalize Care

BC Platforms has developed the optimal Global Data Partner Network and supporting framework that will enable realization of the full potential of real-world data and support a public-utility like approach to data sharing.


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