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BC Platforms Rings in an Award-Winning Year with record growth in its global data partner network and BC|INSIGHT Discovery and Research platform

BC Platforms Rings in an Award-Winning Year with record growth in its global data partner network and BC|INSIGHT Discovery and Research platform

With a growing data partner network, BC Platforms enables rapid access to longitudinal clinical and genomic data across a catchment of over 20M patient lives

The Discovery and Research Platform transforms global clinical practice by enabling rapid insights across user cases, from cancer to coronavirus

BC Platforms, a global leader in clinical and genomic data management, announces another milestone year for its global data partner network. This network includes world leading biobanks in Europe and the USA, with the recent addition of long-standing collaborator the University of Colorado, as well as new data partners in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia. It was also an unprecedented year for the company’s BC|INSIGHT Discovery and Research platform for curating and analysing data in a secure format to advance personalized healthcare research and drug development.

Tero Silvola, CEO of BC Platforms, commented, “In May, together with Kaiser Permanente, we were delighted to win the prestigious 2020 Microsoft Health Innovation Award in the Reimagine Health Category. We enable a unique way of pairing clinical and genomic data on the same platform to advance precision medicine capabilities. Awards such as these affirm 2020 as another milestone year for BC Platforms, where we have made considerable progress despite the global challenges. Science works best through collaboration, and our technology drives the infinite loop between personalized care and research insights, spurring organisations to success.”

Nino da Silva, EVP EMEA-APAC, continued, “Whilst 2020 has been scarred by the terrible coronavirus pandemic, it has injected urgency into the need for digitalization across the healthcare ecosystem. This urgency is driving us all towards improved data sharing and  faster research insight generation. Our global data partner network, and BC|INSIGHT platform have been fundamental in making that happen at scale and pace, accelerating innovations, and the development of medical research programmes.”

BC Platforms has been supporting global work focused on many diseases such as cancer, rare diseases and coronavirus. This work including a cross-UK project, announced October, using the BC|RQUEST solution as a data-backbone to enable research by connecting COVID-19 data derived from patients’ serology samples. It underpins the rapid development of potential diagnostics, vaccines and treatments. Since April, BC Platforms has been applying its data management platform to integrate and analyze real time clinical data at the University of Southampton hospital in order to stratify high risk patients and monitor COVID-19 progression.

BC Platforms’ rapidly growing global data partner network provides an unparalleled asset for scientists. It has a strong focus on harmonized genetic and clinical data, enabling efficient access to analysis. The platform adheres to global, and local, data privacy and security regulations. This data fuels personalized healthcare research for the benefit of patients, healthcare systems and industry.

BC Platforms is working hard to realize its vision to be the most valuable data and technology platform for precision medicine by integrating clinical and genomic data. Next year the company expects to make even greater progress in supporting the fight against the global pandemic as well as contribute to digital innovation. BC Platforms will continue to expand in the Asian market with new personalized healthcare partnerships. The company will also continue providing access to analysis ready data for the life science industry, applying its solutions to bring together the healthcare and life sciences industries.