Healthcare Organizations

The use of genomic data in healthcare is growing, and evolving from targeted panels to multi-gene panels, whole-exome and eventually to the whole genome. Our platform is a choice for hospitals and clinical laboratories to perform routine diagnostic tasks from start to finish. Our core technologies such as BC|GENOME genomic and clinical data integration, BC|PREDICT for variant interpretation and BC|PGX for pharmacogenetics are the most advanced products for any hospital. With advanced automation we are able to process and analyze raw genomic data creating actionable results to help hospitals treat patients better and faster across a broad range of diseases. BC Platforms is able to turn information into new discoveries that help decision making that leads into personal health plans.

The BC|PIPE NGS implements automated workflow from NGS device output i.e FASTQ file (Illumina, for device other vendors all the features might not be supported) to (g)VCF to be stored to BC|GENOME. Two additional modules are available: BC|Q for tracking data quality, and security option for providing full log of data processing steps. For NGS alignment and variation calling pipeline, two options are provided: Microsoft Genomics Service or Sentieon software solution. BC|PIPE NGS implements fully automated, highly scalable NGS data secondary analysis pipeline.
BC|PIPE GT is a QC workflow tool designed for Illumina genotyping data. The tool analyses the quality of genotypes, samples, and chips creating a report of the items falling below QC thresholds. BC|PIPE GT also filters bad quality items, reporting them, and generating a genotype file ready for analytical processing in bioinformatics applications. BC|PIPE GT uses Illumina iScan devices' GTC file as input, utilising the EGT and chip manifest files for array structure and composition. This QC pipeline is designed to be implemented as part of a standard operating procedure for genotyping in laboratories.
The BC|PREDICT software product provides comprehensive decision support in the analysis of sequencing data. It accepts the output from any sequencing platform and turns the genome information into actionable clinical intelligence. It is easy to use and helps a laboratory attain better productivity in developing and using genetic biomarker tests and custom gene panels. BC|PREDICT is a scalable patient variant database with inbuilt EuroGentest best practices in storing and reporting of sequenced, unclassified variants. It provides fast identification of causative variants based on a wide combination of search features. Users can utilise automatically local genetic biomarker tests and panels and maintain a local variant database for different diseases (EuroGentest best practice guideline recommendation).
BC|GENOME is a data and research management platform for clinical genomic studies. The platform manages NGS, GWAS, PheWAS, variant analysis, linkage, and other data formats, and offers tools for complex queries in clinical and genetic data for multiple purposes. BC|GENOME scales up from small candidate gene studies to massive international collaboration environments. The platform is used to organise data projects, and to administer user and user-group access to sources. BC|GENOME provides fine-grained access management and auditing tools for building quality certified processes. BC|GENOME helps data and research managers to maintain and increase data integrity, quality, and efficiency of work. Flexible integration options allow access to external SQL and no-SQL sources, HL7 communications (EHR), cloud storage systems, and computational infrastructures (SunGrid, SLURM, Torque). All project data is managed in one location, sharing with other projects in a high-security environment.