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Introducing BC|TILING Technology

Introducing BC|TILING Technology

Future Proof Your Genomic Workstreams and Infrastructure

BC|TILING Technology allows you to ingest, store and utilise genomic data in ways and scale that you have not thought of.

BC|TILING Technology transforms your genomic data management and analysis by segmenting data for parallel processing across servers. Its high compression rate speeds up data transfer and reduces storage needs, making it cost-effective.

With custom APIs and compatibility with various formats, it seamlessly integrates into existing workflows for diverse research and healthcare applications, providing an innovative solution to industry challenges.

  • Distributed Analysis on 100’s- 1000’s of servers, leading to analysis and query times in Seconds and Minutes, not hours and days
  • Up to 20 x Faster Data Analytics
  • Up to 200 x more Cost Efficient Storage
  • Scalable data management –  from biobank to Population Scale data sets

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