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Managing the Tidal Wave of Genomic Data

Managing the Tidal Wave of Genomic Data

The amount of genomic data being generated is exploding. As biobanks sequence more individuals and healthcare systems adopt genomic testing, data volumes are rapidly outgrowing traditional storage and analysis solutions. BC Platforms offers BC|TILING, an innovative technology that streamlines working with massive genomic datasets.

BC|TILING utilizes a tiled dataset structure that structures genomic data into manageable segments. This facilitates distributed storage in cost-effective cloud object storage systems. Tiling also enables highly parallel analysis workflows that scale efficiently on high performance compute clusters. By reading only the relevant data tiles, BC|TILING minimizes computation time and cost.

With BC|TILING, customers can future-proof their analytics infrastructure to handle millions of genomes. The technology seamlessly integrates with workflow managers like Nextflow for smooth implementation. BC|TILING compressed storage optimizes cloud resources for significant cost savings. 

As genomic datasets grow exponentially, BC|TILING powers big data genomics. Our solution overcomes data management headaches to deliver rapid, economical analysis of biobank-scale genomics. Unlock deeper insights as you scale your precision health mission with BC|TILING.

Learn more about BC|TILING from this video or Download a Fact Sheet