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Real World Data Solutions

Drug discovery and research

We work with a rich range of data partners around the world.

It is our business to provide access to real world data for drug discovery and research.

  • Fast access.
  • Quality data.
  • GDPR compliant.
  • Rapid insights.

Real World Data for Drug Development

We provide access to real world data for drug discovery and research, including studying the natural history of a condition and external control arms.

Take advantage of our global footprint to diversify your data sources and add rapidly a wider global reach to your studies. We do the heavy lifting for you.

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We provide the critical solutions for innovative drug developers to capture real world data opportunity

Real world data and real world evidence play an important role in developing effective new medications and evaluating patient health outcomes per treatment pathway. Often, this data is not readily available to drug developers. Additionally, the administrative burden needed to maintain the diversity in data is overwhelming for drug developers to resource at scale.

At BC Platforms we make things simple. We provide you rapid access to global real world data and technology, to conquer the challenges and capture the full solution opportunity.

Real World Data supports all stages of drug development process

Together with genomic data, RWD is increasingly used as a source of assurance for drugs to be accepted by decision makers and adopted in medical practice. RWD allows to get drugs more quickly to market and expand their usage in new indications faster.

  • Drug Discovery
    Identify novel targets in population or disease specific cohorts.
  • Clinical
    Speed decision making for the Clinical Development Plan or supplement your clinical trial data with RWD for an External Control Arm.
  • Regulatory Interactions
    Justify requests to the regulatory authorities with real world evidence from the targeted patient population.
  • Medical Affairs
    Demonstrate the patient journey, costs and unmet medical needs as part of the country by country approval and reimbursement submissions, including support for label expansion.

Fully capturing the RWD opportunity requires drug developers to overcome significant challenges and scale

Those wishing to unlock RWD's true value must have access to a variety of data sources/types, and the technological capabilities to use the data to uncover meaningful insights.

Discover more in our RWD Brochure.

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Our expertise and robust solutions provide fast access to harmonized Real World Data in a global network supported by state of the art technology.

  • BC Platforms’ solutions enable large-scale, disparate data sources to be stored, integrated and analyzed safely without compromising patient privacy or violating local regulations.
  • Our Global Network immediately gives you access to clinical data of over 70 million patient lives with rich data.
  • With our strict focus on data security and GDPR compliance, we are able to provide clients with data access, allowing the client to interact with the data to generate insights needed in drug development.
  • Within the BC Platforms secure environment, drug developers can reduce development costs, supplementing research with RWD.

Build a unique data strategy and leverage the value of RWD

We provide the tools, the infrastructure and expertise for finding, accessing, and leveraging insights from real world data, fast and safely.

Data & Access
  • Diverse data cohorts around the world and across populations
  • High quality longitudinal EMR data covering many therapeutic areas
  • Global Data Partner Network – connecting data sources
Security & Compliance
  • GDPR compliant framework meeting the highest global data security and data privacy regulations
  • ISO Certified - ISO 13485, ISO 27001
  • Data management, Discovery and Analytics
  • Data harmonization and integration
  • Flexible architecture to meet research and local data privacy needs
  • Data Partner relationship management for easy collaboration

Largest Federated Data Access Network for Life Science Industry


A modern, secure, and confidential technology-enabled service platform environment, to enable RWD access.

  • 70 Million+
    Patient lives in our catchment area
    ( + Extended network)
  • 0.5 Million
    Subjects with Genomic Data
  • 36 Data Partners
    EU, North America, South America, Asia-Pacific and Africa

BC Platforms Global Data Partner Network enables quality data, data variety and international collaboration not possible from a single data source or from any other provider.

  • Longitudinal RWD, including patient outcomes
  • Any standard of care data globally
  • Flexible analysis platform to meet research and local data privacy regulations
  • Enables cross functional collaborations

Global RWD Capabilities

Levels of data to be accessed

The initial level
is for feasibility assessments and patient funneling, performed on snapshot RWD ingested and harmonized to the OMOP data standard.

The deeper level
of data access is customized to your research questions and geographic needs. We create fit-for-purpose solutions of data and software to enable rapid access to longitudinal RWD globally.

Access to various data types


Gender, age, re-call, vital status, ethnicity, tobacco/alcohol use, education, income, and disease relevant patient outcomes.

Clinical / EHR

Diagnoses, medications, procedures, lab values, and findings.

Omics Data

Genomic data (array, NGS, WES), transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics.

Other Data

Imaging, survey data, physiological measurements, and national registry data.

Geographic coverage and disease areas

Global Data
EU, Americas, Asia-Pacific and Africa

Disease areas
covering e.g. Cardiovascular, Solid Tumor, Oncology, Neurology, Metabolism / Endocrinology, Autoimmune-GI, Autoimmune non-GI, Woman’s health, Men’s health. For a full list of our data capabilities see here.

Using Real World Data as an External Control Arm (ECA)

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Overcoming the hurdles of real world data access through a federated global network

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