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Tero Silvola

Board Member

Member of the Board, Former CEO

Tero Silvola (b. 1971) is Board Member and Former CEO of BC Platforms (Switzerland), Board member of Scope Impact (Finland) and Board Member of Nova Discovery (France). He is the owner of Riverpark Oy, an investment and development company co-operating mainly within the Healthcare and Life Science IT and healthcare start-ups.

Mr. Silvola is a founder of Mawell Oy Ltd, a software enterprise that was one of the fastest growing Health Care IT companies in Scandinavia from 2001 to 2010. Silvola is also a founder of Hospital NEO, which became one of the leading Orthopaedics Hospitals in the Nordics and is now part of Mehiläinen Healthcare Group.

Mr. Silvola holds a M.Sc. degree in Economics.