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BC Platforms adds Japan’s Mitsubishi Space Software to its Global Data Network

BC Platforms adds Japan’s Mitsubishi Space Software to its Global Data Network

BCRQUEST’s real world data capabilities to help accelerate large scale cancer research, with first Japanese data partner

BC Platforms (BCP), a global leader in healthcare data management and analytics, today announced a new data partnership with Japan’s Mitsubishi Space Software Co. Ltd. (Mitsubishi), one of the country’s oldest bioinformatics companies. The collaboration, which provides secure access to Mitsubishi’s cancer specific cohort of 8,000 patients, will accelerate the provision of cancer genetic data analysis services to medical institutions for cancer research.

As part of the collaboration, Mitsubishi joins BCP’s BCRQUEST network, which is revolutionizing drug development & personalizing care. This global, federated data partner network enables analytics and deeper insights. BCP has built this network, which reaches over 22 million patient lives in the catchment area, and data partners across Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific to enable the realization of the full potential of real-world data.

Nino da Silva, Deputy Managing Director, BCP, said: “At BCP, our mission is to accelerate the translation of research into global clinical practice through the faster generation of translatable, actionable, research insights. We encourage health systems to invest in consenting and data infrastructure as it provides strong foundations underpinning personalized medicine and ultimately improve outcomes for patients. Through our partnership with Mitsubishi, a long-standing leader in the field of bioinformatics, we expect patient lives will be directly, positively, impacted. This collaboration also adds significant data from millions of Asian patients to fuel research with connections to 30 hospitals in Japan. Such achievements are part of our continued efforts to scale our vision to build the world’s leading analytics platform for healthcare and the life sciences industry.”

Mitsubishi Space Software Co., Ltd., commented, “At Mitsubishi, we have long been supporting patients by utilizing and researching genomic research and providing cancer genetic data analysis services to medical institutions for cancer research. We are looking forward to working with BC Partners, and its BCRQUEST network, to enhance Japan’s provision of clinical and genomic datasets to benefit research, patient care and personalized medicine.”

This latest data partnership builds on recent successes of delivering industry-leading interpretation services on genomics related insights, including pharmacogenomics in clinical practice in Asia and around the world. In October 2021, BCP announced its partnership with Bumrungrad International Hospital (BIH), in Bangkok, Thailand, one of the largest private hospitals in Southeast Asia and a world leader in healthcare delivery and pioneering clinical research. BCP is supporting BIH on its transition from single-gene tests to multi-gene panels for clinical pharmacogenetics, providing data interpretation support on single nucleotide variations

About Mitsubishi Space Software

Mitsubishi Space Software was established in 1962 as a system engineering company.

Our cooperate mission is “We support future society with high-quality and highly reliable solutions based on advanced science and technology which are cultivated by space system development”.

Based on this philosophy, since the foundation of our company, we have been engaged in space system development and we have expanded the activity areas with Defence Systems, Communication Systems, Aviation Systems, Disaster Prevention & Environmental Systems, Life Science, In-vehicle Systems, Public IT and Information Security.

We entered the bioinformatics area in 1992. Firstly, our main field of business was basic research, then since 2016 we expanded the activity area into the clinical environment by cancer genetic testing. Currently, we are a Biomedical informatics company that has contracts with many hospitals and are in charge of clinical sequences.